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I have been looking for a really great BB Cream for this summer. Something that is way lighter then a foundation, but still has some coverage. I have tried a lot of the drugstore ones, and I really like Maybelline BB Cream. But it is not world altering, if you know what I mean. Just good, I want great.

Benefit has a Bigger Than a BB- Big Easy. Which is a liquid to powder formula, exactly what I am looking for. (Sorry but I am just not a fan of all this dewey look. As someone who battles shine, I like a matte powder look much better) To say I was excited to try it, is a major understatement. Then on my last trip to Sephora, when at check out they ask if you would like to use your points or save them, I saw it! They had a sample of this product. There may have been some jumping in the store. I eagerly scooped it up. To me this was a sign, it was the universe saying that I had found my product.

The next day, I was so happy as I was trying this for the first time. And immediately after applying it looked amazing. Great coverage without being heavy, it did dry into a wonderful powder look, I was so pleased. And off I went, thinking that I looked sexy as all get out. A little spring in my step.

When I returned home, only a few hours later, I saw a reflection of myself walking in. What I saw horrified me. It had sunken into ALL of my little lines (even ones that I did not know that I had), I had spots on my nose/chin that were just gone (where they went is anyone guess but it was very evident that it was gone), then it had like bubbled up on my cheeks (like the oil from my skin was trying to get out, but was trapped under a film). Seriously I looked like I was about 30 years older then I really am. Then to make it sting just a little bit more, I broke out like no other then next day.

While I am happy that I did not sink the $30 into getting a full size of this product, I am quite bummed to lose 150 points to get it. Has anyone else tried this? Did you have a better result? Let me know what your thoughts are.


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