Fashion Friday- Men’s Casual Business Look

Check out the outfit I made on #WGWT!


After doing my Fashion Friday posts for a while, I had this thought, I need to put together a men’s fashion post. To be completely honest, I love men’s fashion. Secretly I follow men’s fashion blogs, I check out men’s fashion articles and magazines while in line at the cash register. So here is my hand on my first men’s fashion post. What perfect timing is this for Father’s Day! So this particular post is dedicated to my amazing hubby, who is such a wonderful daddy to our princesses.

I told you last week about the new site, What Goes With This. It is so much fun. This outfit was actually inspired by a fellow WGWT poster. He had asked about a business casual look that he could do with a pair of jeans. It was so much fun to see this come across my feed, he had another look put together wanting to know if it was ok. I kept his pair of jeans and then switched up the rest a bit.

  • Jeans– For a business casual attire, jeans are acceptable; with the right shirt and accessories. The jeans need to be dark in color, no holes or tears, and they need to sit on your hips. No sagging jeans- sorry guys. (But come-on its not the 90’s anymore and your in a business office, pull up your pants)
  • Shirt– If you are going to be wearing jeans then your shirt needs to be dressy. For an office look, it needs to be a full button up (not just the top three buttons), needs to be collared and it needs to have a classic pattern (pinstriped is the best but you can have others). The shirt needs to come to just a hair past your wrists and you need to be able to fit a finger in the collar once the top button is buttoned.
  • Shoes– Depending on where you are working, and which side of the country you are on will determine your shoes. You can’t go wrong with a pair of solid leather business shoes.
  • Belt– Please Please Please wear a belt. Not just a cloth, something that you would wear with shorts belt. But a real leather belt with a sleek buckle. And please have the belt match the shoes. If you are wearing a black belt wear black shoes, if you have a brown belt wear brown shoes and so on.
  • Extras– If you want to bring this look to the next level then add a suit jacket. Since you are wearing a patterned shirt, the jacket needs to be a solid linen jacket. You can get away with a lot of colors: black, blue, gray are all good. The jacket needs to end just above your wrist crease, so you can see about an inch to an inch and a half of the cuff of the shirt below it. Also, you can add a watch; if you need a little bling.

This is my absolute FAVORITE look on a man. My hubby knows this and often wears this to the office just because I like it. What about you, do you like this look on a man? What is your favorite look?

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