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chasing life

Did anyone see the premier of this show, Chasing Life? It aired last week, and I have total mix feelings about it. This is odd, normally I know pretty quick if I am going to like something or not. But this show, I liked parts of it. I really disliked other parts of it.

The show is about April (Italia Ricci), a twenty something reporter that is working her way up the corporate ladder. She lives with her widowed mother and her troublesome younger sister. It follows her life and her trials. Then an uncle, that is not well liked, had to break the worst news possible: April has cancer.

The one thing that I LOVED about this show, was how they did April’s makeup. It is dramatic and brings all the attention to her eyes. Without being heavy. It actually is a pretty natural look. Talk about natural but better look!! It is soft and romantic; all while being totally day time wearable. Actually, I have been trying to perfect this look all weekend. Not only have I been able to nail it; I was able to duplicate it with my Too Faced- Chocolate Bar pallet!!! (See I told ya that this was the best pallet ever)

MakeUp Needed (I linked these to Amazon if you want the exact product that I used):

Step 1-
Apply “White Chocolate” all over your eyelid; lash-line to brow.

Step 2-
Apply “Milk Chocolate” in your crease.

Step 3-
Apply “Salted Caramel” over your eyelid; the football shaped area from your lash-line to crease.

Step 4-
Apply “Triple Fudge” in a V-shape on the outer corners of your eye. You will do this by lining your lower lash line; then follow up into your crease. Take it in about a third of the way through your crease.

Step 5-
Apply the BB Cream to your face by stippling it under your eyes, around your nose, on your chin and on your forehead. Then blend with large circular motions. Be sure to blend under your chin and down your neck too.

Step 6-
Apply the bronzer under your cheek bones. When looking straight into the mirror, trace from the edge of your eye down your cheek till you reach just under your cheek bone. Then sweep it along the bone, to your hairline. Blend in with circular motions. Apply a small amount to your temples, blending in with circular motion. And finally, apply some along your jaw line.

Step 7-
Apply blush to your cheek bones. Starting at your hair line, sweep down your cheek bone (staying on the cheek bone). Be sure to stop no close then two finger widths to your nose. Then blend using circular motions, back up your cheek bone.

Step 8-
Apply lipstick, make sure that you cover your entire lip so no pink is showing through.

Step 9-
Then to achieve her shiny pouty look, apply the lipgloss on top.

Step 10-
Like always, last but not least, curl your lashes and apply mascara.

There you go!! Let me know your thoughts. Do you like this look? Is this something that you would be able to wear out and about?



  • Jennifer

    I love this look. Thanks for the tutorial. Do you really just do the eye makeup without any foundation/concealer/bb cream underneath? Also, you don’t use any concealer, just BB cream? Just making sure. These are steps I would normally take and glad to skip them if it will really look as good as you make it seem.

    • Kat Ryan

      Hi! Yup, I really just use a BB Cream. For me, especially in summer, foundation is just to heavy. Again on my skin, a BB Cream is all the coverage that I need for a daily look, so no concealer or anything else. Thanks for popping in 🙂

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