CrossFit: Pros and Cons

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I know that this does not fit into my normal beauty/fashion posts. And that most of you who read me, read this blog for the tips and tricks to make us look a little better. But, wait for it, true beauty is more then just the clothes that we put on or how we wear our makeup. And if we are going to truly be concerned with how we look then we should incorporate a healthy lifestyle. That would include a better diet and an exercise routine. (See I can make it fit in to my normal blog. hehe)

It seems like CrossFit gyms are popping up everywhere lately.  Everyone is jumping on the CrossFit bandwagon. The reviews are either raving about how life changing it is or how horrible it is. So what is the truth? After much research, here is what I am finding about the pros and the cons:


  • Lets be real, any exercise is better then no exercise.
  • It is a full body workout, and will work all your muscles.
  • It is relatively quick. Most days you can be done in about 45 minutes.
  • There is a huge community feeling. No boring running by yourself on a treadmill every day.
  • Each day the work out is different, so you don’t get bored doing the same thing over and over.


  • While circuit training works all the muscles, you are not going to be able to target a specific area.
  • Working in groups, while more enjoyable, you won’t get much one-on-one training. This can leave you doing parts incorrectly, and making it easier to get injured.
  • It encourages you to push yourself hard, sometimes harder then you should. Our bodies can only go so far.
  •  It is designed to do a certain amount of work, as fast as you can. While this has benefits, it is argued that it is not set up for long term health.
  • Pushing your body to the point of exhaustion every single day, is not needed for weight loss.

After seeing so many people dramatically change their appearance with this routine, I have been intrigued. After doing a bunch of reading, there seems to be only two sides, you love it or you hate it. There is no middle ground. Until a close friend of my, and fellow blogger, posted an amazing article about her personal experience with CrossFit.

She has always been a beautiful person, inside and out. But I have to say that since she has started this journey, she has made huge strides. Going from beautiful to a truly uniquely gorgeous woman. Her confidence, once non-existent, now thrives. Her body, once soft/round, now is solid and muscular. Her eating habits, once loving junk food, is now health conscious. Take a moment to check out her amazing blog, for her personal thoughts on CrossFit and how it changed her life.

To Be A Lion, You Must Train With Lions
CrossFit Doesn’t Suck, But Your Attitude Does 

What are your thoughts? Anyone else involved with this? Is it something that you are interested in?


    • Kat Ryan

      Wow 25 miles away to pick up kids. That is a long time in the car every day. I think it sounds awesome too, but I don’t personally want all the muscle on me. Have a great day

  • Allison B

    At least near me, the Crossfit gyms don’t have childcare. That’s more of a deal breaker than the intensity. I take a few classes at my gym that are hardcore but most days I want to fun Zumba workout or run on the treadmill so I don’t know that it would be for me.
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  • Jillian @ Baby Doodah!

    “Working in groups, while more enjoyable, you won’t get much one-on-one training. This can leave you doing parts incorrectly, and making it easier to get injured.”

    This statement is not entirely true. While you may be in a group setting, if you go to a good box, one where the coaches genuinely care and are there to help you, the group atmosphere will NOT take away from the 1:1 attention. The one I’ve gone to here and there has 3 owners who are there almost all the time, and they truly care about you as a patron and as a person. I’ve never known a community like that before!

    I’ve gone to classes where there were 30 or so people, and I still had someone watching me, critiquing me and my moves and helping me master what was foreign. I’m sure there are exceptions to every rule, but the whole point of CrossFit is for that community of support, while working to exhaustion. It’s almost necessary to go to a box that has that kind of support!
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    • Kat Ryan

      Thank you so much for the input!!! I haven’t done this personally, so my points were based off of research. That seemed to be like a common thread. Thank you for pointing out that it is not always the case. So glad to hear it from someone who does it. Thanks for popping in and pointing this out


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