Best Young Adult Book In A Long Time



*The author gifted me a copy of her amazing book
for this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own
as always*

This book has all the things that a great book should be. It has romance, lies, suspense, throw in a supernatural twist and you have an amazing plot.

Anna follows 17 year old Anna Stuart. She has all the same issues as any other high school senior: should she go off to college, should she stay home to help the family, does the boy she likes like her back. All very normal problems, for the very normal Anna. Or at least that is what she thought.

Then the hallucinations begin. At first just at night, similar to nightmares. Haunting her nights. When a strange shadow man begins to haunt her, she is ready to seek out the truth. She hunt the very hunter that is haunting her. All while trying to keep up a semi-normal life of a high school student.

I found the characters not only enjoyable to read and relatable. I found my self perplexed by Steve at different points in the book. I was irritated with Heather for most of the book to be honest, but I loved that about her. Both of them becoming some of my favorite characters in the book. I truly came to care about what happened with Anna and the shadow man.

To be completely honest, the first few chapters, I found it hard to get into. It was teenage-high-school-drama life, but once the “meat” of the story started to come together, I could not put it down. I ended up staying up all night just to finish it, then was disappointed that it was over. Sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next one to come out.

To see more information about this book you can check Meghan Riley’s website here: Please check out her blog, and you will be able to get the inside track on Anna and what is coming up next.


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