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There are so many makeup brands on the market. It can really make your head spin. It seems like everyday we are hearing about a new line that is coming up. How do you know what is worth spending your money on? I put together my list of the “Best Of The Best MakeUp”. These are the brands that I love, and use every day. I went ahead and included high end makeup, mid-range and even some great drugstore brands. There is something for everyone.

For my high end:

  • -MAC- There is a reason that this is a classic. It really is a great makeup line, they have everything in every possible shade. They stand behind their products, and always great to work with. Their makeup is blend-able, build-able, and you can rely on always getting the same shade.
  • -Bobbi Brown- This is a new line for me. I have not been using it for very long but that is all that it took to make me fall in love with them. All of the products that I have tried have been amazing. I love their philosophy that all women are beautiful, and their makeup is all designed around that thought. Most of their shades are natural, and bring out inner beauty.

For my mid-line:

  • -Too Faced- This has to be my all time favorite line of makeup ever, and I quite possibly own their entire line. (But that is our little secret) Their products are amazing. You get such quality for a fraction of the price. They are completely cruelty free. I could go on and on about them, they are my most go-to items. My daily use items are just about all Too-Faced.
  • -SmashBox- While I don’t use them a lot in my “Look Of The Week” posts, I use them every day. Their primers are completely unmatched in my opinion.  I use their Photo Finish Foundation Primer every day, along with their eye shadow primer. Slowly my collection is growing, I am so excited to have just gotten my sample box of their products. Their eyeliner is making a huge impact on my daily routine too. Plus I am dying to get my hands on their contour set.

We can’t forget about the great drugstore finds:

  • Maybelline– While not the cheapest, or most expensive, drugstore line, it is a great reliable go-to. I love their Baby Skin primer. It works just as well as POREfessional. Their The Buffs lipstick line is wonderful. For the few times that I use lipstick, not gloss, they are my go to. In fact I have Truffle Tease in my purse right now. If you are looking for a great mascara, you can’t go wrong with their Big Eyes collection.
  • NYC Color– I grabbed this the other day, by mistake. I ran out of BB Cream and we spend our summers in a little town, with no makeup counters. Target though, has all of the drugstore brands. Normally I like NYX, but with three kids in the cart I was not paying close attention and somehow grabbed the NYC Smooth Skin Fini Parfait instead. I mean they are pretty close in name and their packaging is so similar. It was like 3 bucks and is AMAZING. It is a bit on the dewey side, so I have to use a setting powder. But it brightens my face like no other, covers everything, and is very very light.

What about you? What brands are your best of the best? What are your thoughts about these?


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