Fashion Friday- Top 10 Fashion Mistakes

FF Top 10 Mistakes

Normally on my Fashion Friday posts, I have great little outfits. Some are super easy ways to pull together your normal look. Some are meant to inspire maybe a date night. But they are all pretty much what you should be wearing type posts. This week I thought that I would mix it up a bit; and post a what not to wear list. Here is my personal list of the Top 10 Fashion Mistakes. Why is it a personal list, not just a universal list? Because I have made each and every one of them. While there is a whole host of fashion faux-pas, these I know from personal experience are just bad.

  1. Wide Leg Cropped Pants– Who doesn’t love a capri pant? They are so summery, a nice little shift away from a winter of pants; without having to be in shorts. But a wide leg cropped pant, will not flatter many body types. They make your legs look shorter, they don’t give any definition so you end up looking more box like, and lastly they make your calf look larger. So ditch the wide leg capri, and grab a pair of tighter ones. Skinny capris, with a loose fitting top, and a pair of kitty heels will make you look pulled other and still be comfortable.
  2. Jersey Fabric– There is nothing more breathable or comfortable then a little sun dress in a jersey knit. But that jersey knit, tends to hug the skin; and not necessarily in the right places. I have a little mommy pouch, you know that extra skin under your belly button, and this fabric will just accentuate that. Got a little bit more in the back side, this will hug and flaunt that too. So unless you are going to wear Spanx with it (and that just defeats the whole point of comfortable clothes) then stay away. Stick with cotton, your figure will thank you.
  3. To Tight– How great do you feel when you are able to zip up the back of a dress in a size smaller then you normally wear? I know that I have bought a dress (or two) simply because I was able to fit into a small. Just because it has some stretch in the material, does not mean that it should be stretching. Wearing something that pulls just a little bit because it is a big snug will instantly make you look a few pounds heavier. Instead, get something that is slightly to big and taylor it to fit your body. You will be amazed at how much better you look when it actually fits you.
  4. Printed Pants– Let me start by saying that I don’t like these. I personally don’t think anyone looks good in them, but they seem to be very popular. My daughter even as tiny as she is, has a hard time pulling them off. Anything with a loud print will add dimension to your frame. It will draw the eye, typically to the thighs, and is never slimming. If you want to be trendy, try a pair of dark colored skinny jeans. The dark color is slimming, and a pair of green jeans is very “in”.
  5. All Baggy– Lets be honest, there are days when all you want to wear is that pair of boyfriend jeans, with an over size tee. This will make you look slumpy and boxy. Boyfriend jeans are great, so much easier to wear on the daily basis running around with the kids; try pairing them with a close fit tank or a snug V-neck. That loose fitting tee, that is so great, make sure it hangs past your bum, and pair it with a pair of leggings.
  6. To Many Layers– Tying in with number 5, layers always look great; but be sure you are not adding to many. Want to wear that great new scarf? Then layer it over a close fit top, sans jewelry. Keep layers to a minimum to stay looking chic.
  7. Full Length Skirt– Can we say ” hello maxi”? I can say that I LOVE my maxi skirt and that I will continue to wear mine, while waving my mommy flag. And yes I am breaking two of these rules at one time and LOVING it! Mine are typically a jersey knit too. Yup they are jersey and full length; and I have no plans of giving them up. They are simply to easy to wear and a step up from my mom-jeans. But they add bulk to your lower half and they don’t flatter your backside. This makes you look shorter and heavier. Raise your hand if, even knowing this, you will continue to wear yours? <Hand proudly raised over here>
  8. Jeans have to much stretch– We all have had that pair of jeans that fit great in the dressing room, and after a few hours they are to big. Drives me nuts. Jeans with a bit of stretch are a great thing, they are so much more enjoyable to wear. But ones that have to much stretch, will give you that sagging mom butt look. When buying jeans make sure they have no more then 2% spandex to avoid this.
  9. No Neck– While it is summer time and no one is thinking about turtle necks yet, I could not pass this one up. Turtle necks are no one’s friend. When you eliminate your neck, you make your shoulders look closer to your chin this optical illusion packs on the pounds. Plus the single color from high up on your neck through your shoulders makes you look like you are slouching. Want to cover your neck? Pair a pretty scarf with a v-neck shirt.
  10. To Geek Chic On The Glasses– I am a huge fan of the heavy black frames. The geek in me cheers whenever I see a girl wearing them correctly. However as we get older, these will make our faces droop, show off those bags we try so hard to cover, and be to heavy for our more mature faces. For those of us that need to wear glasses, keep them light and delicate to keep us looking young.

And because I love my readers so much here is an extra one for you: Animal Print. There are very few people that can pull off an animal print. My cousin’s amazing girlfriend can like no other. Between her teeny tiny size and the color of her skin, she has mastered it. But still only on a rare occasion does she break out a cheetah dress. So unless you are her, please just don’t do it. I promise you it’s not doing you any favors.

What are your thoughts? Are you guilty of making any of these? Will you say “screw it” and continue to make them?


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