• Fashion Friday- Fun Flirty Find

    Pretty in Pink

    Yes I have a slight issue with black and pink. Yes just about ALL of my outfits are black and pink. But no I will never tire of black or pink. Any ideas where you would wear this? While I have no idea where I would wear it to, I just can’t get enough of this skirt.

    • Skirt– I am in love with this tulle skirt. It is completely impractical, but it just takes my breath of away. This is one of those items, that when wearing it, there is no doubt that you will feel like a princess. It just screams I need a tiara to. Don’t you think?
    • Shirt– With as full and detailed as the skirt is, you need something snug and very simple on top. This will help keep a bit of a balance. Instead of going full princess, cause there are only very select times where a grown woman can go full on princess.
    • Clutch– To me this is the perfect clutch: simple, yet has detail. No more needed.
    • Shoes– These may have to magically appear in my closet. There is nothing better then a classic pair of black pumps, then a splash of pink on the sole. They would seriously match everything that I own. (You guys really have no idea about my fascination with black and pink) Plus they would great with a pair of jeans; think skinny jeans (enjoy those while you can, cause they are going to be making an exit this fall), with a black fun top. Or a tiny little black dress. The options are endless.

    Again no place to wear this outfit, but man oh man I want it in my closet. Having major clothes envy over here. What about all of you guys? Is this something that you would rock or just admire through the store window?

  • Vitamin C On Your Face

    Valentia 2

    Yes you read that correctly; Vitamin C for your face. We all know that Vitamin C is so important for your body. It plays a big part for our immune system. It is now popping up in all kinds of skin care as well. There is good reason for that. When applied to your skin, Vitamin C has been known the reduce and even reverse the signs of aging. I was so lucky to get a bottle of this magic serum for free, so I could share it with all of you!!

    This is one of those products that I have wanted to try for a while now. But with a price tag of $35, I have not jumped onto the bandwagon. It is a big chunk of change for this stay at home mama. Until someone I knew tried it first, aka being a guinea pig with their money, I was not going to rush out to get it. That is why I was so excited when I heard that Valentia was giving away a few bottles for beauty bloggers to sample. I knew that I HAD to be one of those bloggers.

    Even Glow Serum has some of the biggest promises on the market. It is an antioxidant treatment that is applied to your clean and dry face. According to the box it promises to: even skin tone, increase glow and radiance, absorb quickly, boast collagen production, and last (but the biggest one for me) reduce wrinkles & fine lines. After two weeks, I can tell you that it lives up to almost all of those. I would tell you that it  lives up to all of them, but I have no way to determine if it has boasted my collagen production. Even in the short amount of time that I have used it, I have noticed that my little lines are reducing, my skin is so soft and glows. It is a syrupy in texture, so not quite liquid. There is some substance to it. It is yellowish in color, and completely smooth. For the me the biggest point is the smell. It simply smells amazing!! Like oranges.

    Now that you know about how amazing this anti-aging serum is, lets go over the basics about how to use it. Cause I know that I actually had to look into HOW to use one. Never having a serum in my routine before I was a bit intimidated, but let me assure you it is super easy.

    Step 1-
    You are going to want to clean your face. While we all like those handy makeup removing wipes, I find that this absorbs  more quickly and gives me a better application when I actually go old school and wash my face with a gentle cleanser.

    Step 2-
    Pat dry your face. There is no reason to have a layer of water covering your face before applying this. Not only will it take forever to get into your skin, you will end up using more.

    Step 3-
    Be sure to shake the bottle for a moment or two before using. Since it is an all natural treatment, it does tend to separate a bit.

    Step 4-
    You only need 3 drops to cover your entire face. Yup, only three drops. I use the dropper to put one drop on each of my cheeks and one on my forehead. Then rub in.

    Step 5-
    This serum does not replace your moisturizer. It is an added step to your routine. So once you rub it into your skin, you will still need to apply your moisturizer as normal.

    That’s it! Super easy, super quick and major benefits. Do you guys use a serum? What are your thoughts?

  • New MakeUp Line From One Direction

    photo 1

    Yes you read that correctly. The boy band One Direction, not only sings/dances/preforms they now also have a makeup line. To be completely honest, I was skeptical about a group of boys coming out with cosmetics. After more thought, I figured they are not the ones actually making the makeup, or really anything to do with it other then put their name on it. Plus the people promoting One Direction know their market, and know what that market wants. Tink was so excited when this came, she was literally jumping around asking if it was for her.

    The packaging is amazing. They really did a great job with the packaging of the product. It comes in a great tin box (think old school lunch boxes without the handle). The box has a brick pattern printed on it, then the plastic sleeve has all the One Direction printed material on it. The actual tween/teen market that this is geared for probably would have liked it printed on the box, but I am thrilled that it was not and that I can re-use the box for something else.

    photo 2

    Upon opening the box, there was lots of print outs with different ways to use it with various makeup looks. As well as a flyer with all of the different boxes that you can purchase. It was neat seeing what other boxes they have. While they all are similar, they do have a few differences. Mostly in the nail polish colors and the eyeshadows.

    photo 3

    The makeup itself is a bit lacking, but for a tween it is ok. The colors that I received were blue and pink. Not colors that I wear, but again Tink loved them. The neat thing is that the lipgloss will change colors under a black light. So I am thinking that during their concerts this will be fun. The eyeshadows do not have a lot of pigment and I found them hard to work with. But again, Tink was willing to over look this. And lets be honest a sheer swipe of blue is a whole lot better then an entire eyelid of bright blue. Can we say hello Mimi from Drew Carey Show?

    photo 2 photo 1

    I was very disappointed though, both the lipstick and the eyeliner/body crayon were melted by the time they came to me. I would have liked to use the body crayon. The box came with some great stencils to use with it. Luckily we always have face paint on hand at our house, so we popped that out and was still able to use the stencils.

    The nail polish was great. It was a blue-green color with lots of shine and sparkle. It took forever to dry completely and you need a good two coats. My daughters really enjoyed this shade despite having to wait a bit for it to dry.

    The mascara was decent. It made my daughters blonde lashes very dark. And for a tween it was perfect. There was not a lot of volume or lengthening  products which was good for her.

    Overall, while my daughter loved this box, I would probably not purchase it. I just did not think that they payout was worth the price tag. How about you guys? Do you buy the product lines of your kids favorite bands? Would you purchase something like this even if the quality was not completely there?


  • LOTW- Tween Back To School MakeUp

    LOTW- Tween

    Can you believe that it back to school time already? While I am ready for the routine again, I am not ready for everything else that comes along with back to school. If your daughter is anything like mine, she has already started the “what makeup can I wear to school” type questions. While we home school, so there is not a whole lot of “going” to school, it translate to what can she wear everyday or out and about.

    After my knee jerk reaction of, “no makeup at all” response. I gave it some thought, thought back to when I was starting the 8th grade and what I was allowed to wear. We were able to come to a compromise. Tink is not allowed to wear a full face of makeup, under any circumstance. I just don’t see a reason for it. But a little bit would be acceptable.

    MakeUp Needed:

    • Light Neutral Eyeshadow
    • Mascara
    • Lip Gloss

    Step One-
    Apply a light neutral eyeshadow color across entire eyelid. From lash line to the crease and slightly above.

    Step Two-
    Apply one coat of mascara to top eyelashes only.

    Step Three-
    Apply lip gloss in any shade over lips.

    And your ready to walk out the door. While this is not a whole lot, very simple and quick to apply, it makes her feel as if she is more put together and ready to tackle the world. How about you, do you let your tween daughter wear makeup? Why or why not?

  • Monday Morning MakeUp Madness.. Party #24

    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness

    Monday Morning MakeUp Madness
    Party #24

    Yea for Monday!! I am loving being back on a solid routine. Today is our first official day back to school and while I loved having time off, where we were able to have lazy unplanned days. We do so much better on a solid routine. Where the girls know exactly what we are going to do every day and what is expected. Now ask me in six weeks, and I bet we will be ready for a nice long break again lol. How about everyone else? Are you guys all gearing up for school, are you starting? I think it is a west coast thing to start this early.

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