Fashion Friday- Fun Flirty Find

Pretty in Pink

Yes I have a slight issue with black and pink. Yes just about ALL of my outfits are black and pink. But no I will never tire of black or pink. Any ideas where you would wear this? While I have no idea where I would wear it to, I just can’t get enough of this skirt.

  • Skirt– I am in love with this tulle skirt. It is completely impractical, but it just takes my breath of away. This is one of those items, that when wearing it, there is no doubt that you will feel like a princess. It just screams I need a tiara to. Don’t you think?
  • Shirt– With as full and detailed as the skirt is, you need something snug and very simple on top. This will help keep a bit of a balance. Instead of going full princess, cause there are only very select times where a grown woman can go full on princess.
  • Clutch– To me this is the perfect clutch: simple, yet has detail. No more needed.
  • Shoes– These may have to magically appear in my closet. There is nothing better then a classic pair of black pumps, then a splash of pink on the sole. They would seriously match everything that I own. (You guys really have no idea about my fascination with black and pink) Plus they would great with a pair of jeans; think skinny jeans (enjoy those while you can, cause they are going to be making an exit this fall), with a black fun top. Or a tiny little black dress. The options are endless.

Again no place to wear this outfit, but man oh man I want it in my closet. Having major clothes envy over here. What about all of you guys? Is this something that you would rock or just admire through the store window?


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