LOTW- First Fall Look 2014

2Faced Fall 2014

Can you believe that it is fall already. Okay, yes fall is not technically for a little bit. September 22 to be exact; but to me Labor Day signifies the end of summer and the start of fall. Anyone else feel that way?

One of my favorite things about fall is the change in your makeup routine. Now don’t get me wrong, all the pumpkin flavors, the need for scarves, the cinnamon and nutmeg; also all really good things. But with makeup, we get to make the change away from the natural looks. We can breakout the darker colors; bold lips, dark eyes, are all acceptable for fall. I love being able to be a bit more dramatic, a bit more edgy. To make it even better, this year fall is going to be big on the greens and champagne colors. Which has been my favorite fall colors for years, just this year I get to wear them AND be trendy lol.

If you have read my blog for a while, you have seen the reviews on this pallet (which you can read here) and you know my love affair with Too Faced. So it is no surprise that I am going to kick off this season focusing on…. drum roll….. Too Faced!!

Makeup Needed
(I did put affiliated links to Amazon if you need to see exactly what I am talking about. Just click the links and it will take you straight to the info pages)-

Step 1-
Line upper and lower waterline with the SmashBox black eyeliner. To avoid eyeliner overload, I typically only the line the outer corners.

Step 2-
Using the Natural At Night pallet, apply Spotlight all over the eyelid. From lash line to brow. This gives a nice uniform canvas to work with.

Step 3-
Apply Moonstone on eyelid. Starting at the outer corner and blending inward. You will want to bring this color in about 2/3 toward your inner corner, gradually lightening the color. The color should be from the lash line to the crease.

Step 4-
Apply Full Moon, in the inner corner and in the crease. Using windshield wiper motions, back and forth across the eyelid blending everything.

Step 5-
Apply Night Fever, along the upper lash line. I tend to have the outer corners with a slightly thicker line, having the line get thinner as I move towards my inner corner.

Step 6-
Apply foundation all over face. I first stipple it only my face where I need the most coverage. Think under eyes, around nose, on chin, and on forehead. Then blend using small circular motions.

Step 7-
Apply blush by sweeping down the cheek bone. See here for a great, simple way to apply blush that will look great on all face shapes.

Step 8-
Apply lipstick. I like using a nude color, this helps to make your eyes stand out a bit more.

Step 9-
And like always, last but not least, curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara.

Step 10-
Be sure to tell yourself that you are beautiful.

Are you guys looking forward to breaking out the darker fall makeup colors or do you keep it simple year around? Are you going to rock this season’s it colors? What is your favorite thing about fall?



    • Kat Ryan

      I am totally bringing it back!! Been slacking all summer, but Sept will be all back to normal. Looking forward to reading your Monday Morning Series again!! Can’t wait!

  • nuçe

    Oh my goodness. Considering I don't even wear makeup at this point, I doubt I'd pay for this kind of goodie box for my (hypothetical) daughter, but kudos to One Direction for their merchandising! :).


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