Holy Grail Foundation

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I have finally found it! The absolute perfect, no crease, flawless skin, covers everything you want it to and nothing you don’t foundation. And to seal the deal even more.. it is a drugstore brand; no $100 price tag here. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

So I am normally a BB Cream type girl. Simple, not to heavy, minimal coverage has been my go to for a while now. The issues that I have with foundation are: cakey, settles into fine lines, to much coverage and heavy. I don’t have perfect flawless skin, I am covered in freckles and I love them. I need something to cover the lines around my eyes, and the redness that pops up around my nose. But other then that, I want my skin to show. I like my “imperfections”. Up to this point, I have not found a foundation that fit the bill; that was also affordable.

Yesterday I posted a great fall look using the No7 drugstore line of cosmetics. I used their Lift and Luminate foundation, and have to admit I am in love with it. Based on the back of the bottle it claims-

“Firmer, even skin with a youthful glow,
visibly firms, lifts, and brightens for
a more luminous complexion.”

This is a big claim for a drugstore (aka- inexpensive) bottle foundation. I have to admit that when I was at Walgreens, I passed on trying this because I was so worried about the possibility of it being “dewey” (aka shiny) look. If you read my post yesterday, you know that I was able to attend PHX Fashion Week preview event, that Boots No7 was hosting. I was able to ask Sasha, an amazing makeup artist, all my No7 Foundation questions.

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She was able to not only assure me that I would not get that look, but that it really did live up to all the promise. (It is even her choice of makeup when she is not “on the job”). Very tentatively I let her give it a try. It was great, she used their makeup wipes to remove the makeup that I wore to the event and a bit of their moisturizer; then went to work.

Boots No7 has the coolest tool ever. It is a handheld devise that takes a few small photos of your skin (on your jawline, on your cheek, and the last on your forehead). Then compares that pics, analyzes them, then tells which shade of foundation to use. Mind blown.

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It came back that I should be wearing the shade Calico. Sasha was a bit worried that it was to light for my skin (since I have a strong olive undertone). What was the solution? Put it on half my face, then put the shade that she thought on the other half and compare them side by side. Turns out Calico was a bit light (for me is fine, I would rather have it a bit light heading into fall, over being a bit dark). But the shade that she picked was a tiny bit dark (at the beginning of summer would be fine, since I would have tanned a bit). HOWEVER, when I use half a pump of Calico and half a pump of hers it is the PERFECT color!!!!!

When using this a little bit goes a LONG way. Seriously one single pump will cover your entire face, and you will still have a bit left over. I like to stipple the lighter color on under my eyes before mixing the two together to give myself a small highlight. Then I mix the left over with the darker color and stipple over my face. Then blend using small circular motions. It gives a great airbrushed effect.

Has anyone else tried this brand? What are your thoughts on it? What does it take for you to try a new foundation brand?


  • Pam

    Great post! I have seen the brand at Target before but I’ve never really given it much of a thought. I have freckles myself and I love them; however, I also have acne and I don’t love it so I generally find myself reaching for medium coverage foundations. As for that color matching tool, that is a cool thing that I recently saw used at Sephora.

    -Pam @ Pam’s Life
    Pam recently posted…Wearable Fall MakeupMy Profile

    • Kat Ryan

      I love Target, but don’t get to pop over there as much as I want. (Probably a good thing for the wallet lol) Yea for freckles!! So many women try to cover them up now, I LOVE when someone else likes them showing a bit too! Give it a try and let me know what you think of it.

  • Jennifer

    I just started using this same foundation. I love it! I use one pump, and really don’t even pump it all the way. It evens out my complexion just enough without making me look or feel overdone. After just a few uses I knew I had found my favorite foundation ever. I only bought it because it was on sale and I have read and heard that Boots No7 products are really good. I haven’t tried any other of their products but definitely plan to as I run out of other items.

    • Kat Ryan

      You are right one pump is all you need. I use like 3/4 of a pump and it is plenty. Their products have me hooked, after a week of using their skin care my skin looks amazing!! Bright, youthful, and most of my lines are GONE. Like just GONE!! It is a great brand! Thanks for stopping in.

  • Tanya

    I think I should try it because it’s everything I want in my foundation. I hope to find someone at the store to help me pick the right shade. I always end-up buying products tat are either the wrong shade or not what I want. Phew!

    Thanks for sharing this at Wake-Up Wednesday, the party I am co-hosting.

    Tanya recently posted…BE-CA-USEMy Profile

    • Kat Ryan

      It really is everything one could want in a foundation. If you can’t find someone to help, they have an AMAZING no fuss return policy. Open, used, not a problem; just take it back and try a different one! Let me know how you like it.


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