Fashion Friday- Do’s And Don’ts Of Denim Jackets

Jean Is Back!!

Whether you want to admit it or not, jean is back. And back with vengeance. Seems like a lot of the 90’s trends (be sure to check in next week to talk about plaid), are making it to the table this season. Most of my high school days were spent in jean jackets. Living in a small town now, where it is perfectly acceptable to go to dinner in jeans and cowboy boots, this is great. Get to be stylish, and warm!!

But there are a few rules about wearing jean, you want to make sure that it is helping you look pulled together; not just lazy. So here is my list of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of wearing jean.

Top 10 Rules To Wearing A Denim Jacket

  • Do– Pair it with a dress and cowboy boots. This is a great way to extend the life of your summer cotton dress for a least a few more weeks.
  • Don’t– Be afraid to have more then one. A dark one to go out with the hubby and a light one to run around with the kids.
  • Do– Make sure it has a bit of structure to it. It will help pull the waist in, making you look more hourglass shaped.
  • Don’t– Go the vest route. If you are rocking the jean jacket, then rock the jean jacket.
  • Do– Wear your jacket with a shirt that has a pattern on it, think stripes or polka dots. This will give the outfit a fun bit of pop.
  • Don’t– Wear denim on denim. I know that all the “it” stars are doing it, but it just looks odd to me.
  • Do– Wear it with the black on black outfit. I LOVE wearing my black pants, with my black tank, a pair of black heels, and my jean jacket.
  • Don’t– Have a liner. While it’s very helpful on the farm to have a fur liner, while in the city… Don’t.
  • Do– Add a fun scarf to add interest. Particularly in that black on black outfit.
  • Don’t– Be afraid to have fun and try something new.

I am loving this trend. Loved it as a teen too (so glad mom kept all those old jackets after all. She always said, “Good styles will always come back into fashion.” Thanks mom). How about you guys, are you getting into this trend. Did I miss any “rules” that you follow?

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