Benefit WingWomen Party!


I don’t normally do a Saturday post, but this was just to awesome not to chat about! Plus it is national Benefit WingWomen Party weekend. Amazing WingWomen all over the nation are having their parties this weekend! What is a wingwoman? She is the person that you go to to have your back. She is the one that is always there for you. She is the one that you call first for everything. We all have at least one, and if we are really lucky we have a few. This party is to celebrate them, our WingWomen.

BirchBox and Benefit Cosmetics teamed up to gift 500 lucky girls a box full everything that they need to through the ultimate wing party for five of their besties! I am going to be the hostest with the mostest for a while.


What came in the box:

  • Minis of They’re Real Mascara plus one full size
  • Minis of They’re Real Push Up Liner plus one full size
  • Minis of The Porefessional
  • Minis of Lollitint
  • Full Size Gimme Brow- One in light/med and one in med/dark
  • Full Size Hoola Bronzer- Only One
  • Then all the extras a good party needs: gift bags, balloons, fun coasters

When my guests arrived, they were surprised to say the least. See I like surprise parties, so I didn’t tell anyone that (1) they were going to a party or (2) that THEY were the ones getting presents. We had all the traditional party foods ready to go. Pizza, cupcakes, more soda then anyone should ever drink. All of the gift bags were prepped and sitting out with everyone’s names on their bags. Being the mama that I am, I made everyone eat lunch and socialize before they could have their cake. Then we had cake while chatting some more. All while staring at these pretty bags with their names on them. It was so fun watching my girlfriends (and daughter), giggle and guess as to what was going on. They acted like teenage girls again, wanting their presents. White bags, pink paper and name tags were the downfall of my group.


When I finally announced that it was present time, they literally dropped everything. Food went straight to the trash, conversations halted mid-sentence, bouncing and giggling ensured. I LOVED handing out their gifts, and they LOVED what they were filled with. Each guest received: a mascara, a gel eyeliner, a porefessional, a lollitint, and a bit of chocolate. And in true toddler fashion, the packaging was all ripped away and out came the makeup. Within minutes, we were applying makeup to each other. Doing makeovers like little girls; laughing, giggling, trying out new products.

It was without a doubt, the best afternoon in a long time. With the day to day stuff that needs to get done, I forget how fun an afternoon at home with my girls can be.



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