Review- September Birchbox


One day I will get back on track, and have the reviews for the boxes I get; actually in the months that I get them. In my defense though, I am not even located in the city that they are shipped to. So they get to city (1) mid month, then wait a week or so, then are shipped to city (2). Then I want to try them BEFORE telling you about them. See this is why I have not been getting the reviews done in the months that I get them.

This was another great BirchBox month! I love that lately they are letting you pick an item to go into your box, or keep it a surprise if that is your thing. It is so fun, actually getting to pick something that is going to show up. While I love the aspect of getting a surprise, and this box is still chalked full of surprises, the control part of me likes that I get to choose something. BirchBox is a monthly beauty subscription, that comes full of 4-5 products to try. It is a mid-month present!! Some months are better then others, but for only $10 you can’t go wrong.

What was in this amazing month’s box-

  • Naobay Body Lotion– This is a great lotion, and really packs a punch. However, it is a bit oily so best used at night.
  • Macadamia Professional Flawless Cleansing Conditioner– This was one product that I had to use a few times before I got any results. It replaces your shampoo and conditioner. That was a little odd, and after using it the first time my hair was still a little oily looking. But by the third time that I used it, my hair was soft, full of body, manageable and so shiny. Very different hair then I had earlier in the week.
  • Dr Bandt Pores No More Vaccum cleaner– AMAZING!!! And it has a cool factor (in more then one way). It works like a mask; you apply it in a thin clear layer, then wait 5-10 minutes and wash off with warm water. You know that it is done because of the cool tingling feeling and it will go from clear to a solid blue. After using, my skin was very very clean and my pores were noticeably smaller.
  • Laura Mercier Mascara- This is a great, running around with the kids, mascara. While it does not give much in the category of volume or length, it does last forever and doesn’t flake or smudge. It is a great day mascara when you are not needing a lot of punch.
  • Cynthia Rowley Silver Eyeliner- In both of my boxes this month, I got a silver eyeliner. Maybe it is a hint of this seasons trends. This is a very creamy, very metallic, shimmer silver color. It will be perfect for the holidays! A lot of fun, but be warned, it gets all over the eyelashes. Use a good mascara after lining.

What are your thoughts on this box? Do you use a monthly subscription service? Which ones are you loving? If you want more information on BirchBox, please click here.




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