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    We hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and
    Wish You Happy Holidays!!!!

    “Friday Feature Linky Party”

    Karren Haller Oh My Heartsie Girl 7-26-2014

    Karren Haller | Oh My Heartsie Girl | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+
    I hope that you are all enjoying your Holiday weekend, my husband and I had a quite Thanksgiving, just the two of us, and 2 cats. We didnt make the traditional turkey but a chicken with stuffing, a ham, my green beans recipe, baked yams, and a few other things. It was plenty, then we will be watching the Cowboys play Football and I always look forward to the half time activities and I am rooting for the Cowboys. So who’s shopping today? Who’s ready for Christmas? Who’s decorated? Do you send out Christmas Cards? Oh and what about Elf, got one?November 25 Wordless Wednesday

    For my feature today I have decided to share Mason Jars. It seems that these days they are used for everything, and I mean from making gifts by filling jars with recipes and adding cut tags, to using them to make luminaries, decorations, snow-globes you name it, if you can think it up you can make it!!! And I am addicted to finding them and pinning to my exclusive Mason Jar Pinterest Board. Thats where the pic from above comes from created by using PinCo. The Only Pinterest™ Collage Creator

    Oh and did you see those cute decorations made with salt and pepper shakers, I know their not a mason jar but they are darling.

    [xyz-ihs snippet=”MasonJarBoard”]

    Date in a Jar {ice skating} ~ A fun and unique idea for a gift, a “date in a jar”.  Fill a jar with little clues and useful items to use on the date.Date in a Jar {ice skating} ~ A fun and unique idea for a gift, a “date in a jar”. Fill a jar with little clues and useful items to use on the date.

    Canning jars made into snow globes filled with fake snow, and little heart oranaments, topped with a silver sugar bowl top to finish

    Canning jars made into snow globes filled with fake snow, and little heart ornaments, topped with a silver sugar bowl top to finish. Chipping With Charm

    25 amazing mason jar recipes gifts in a jar, from cookies, soup mixes,Mason jar recipes make great holiday gifts! Whether the holiday is Easter, Christmas, or anything in between, if you are thinking of giving a DIY touch to this year’s holiday gifts, try using Mason jar recipes and make holiday gifts in a jar for your whole family! Here is a list of 25 delicious and easy Mason jar recipes to spark your creativity and get you started! Freebie Finding Mom

    Mason-Jar-Light-handelier- for front porch from all things heart and homeDIY MASON JAR LIGHT50 Desserts in a Mason Jar50 Dessert In A Jar Recipes

    Christms Mint Cookies P & P KitchenChristmas Mint Cookies
    Divider 371855gobubm297p

    And from my Co-Host over at Confessions of A Perfect
    Mom Monday MakeUp- Getting Naked Again Monday MakeUp- November Ipsy Bag

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  • Monday MakeUp- November Ipsy Bag


    Where is the month going?? Can you believe that this week is Thanksgiving (or as we call it in our house Turkey Day)? This year, I am hosting our very first Thanksgiving dinner. While I am super excited, I so need an extra week. We moved into our new house like yesterday. There is so much unpacking to do, setting up to do, plus the contractors are still working on the house. To top it off, I have yet to shop for everything for dinner; well lets be honest, I have yet to even PLAN what we will be having for Thanksgiving dinner. I have no idea how this will all come together and be pulled off by Thursday.

    So instead of facing my HUGE to-do list, I am playing with some makeup and telling you about this awesome Ipsy bag that we got this month!! Good distraction? I think so..

    For those of you who have not heard, Ipsy is a wonderful monthly beauty subscription. You recieve 4-5 beauty samples (and sometimes full sized samples). Plus, you get a reusable makeup bag every month. Over here, we end up using these little bags for all kinds of things: mu daughters have swiped (that sounds better then stolen some lol) for purses or toys, I have used some for my hair ties and bobby pins (cause those always get lost), we have used them to separate different types of products, and so on. The best part of this is that it is only $10 a month!! Can’t go wrong there.

    I ADORED this month. The products were great, everything was either travel size or full size.

    • SeaRx Moisturizing Lotion– I have received this before, in a BirchBox, and while it is not my favorite product on the market, it is a great light facial moisturizer, that smells wonderful.
    • Starlooks Eyeliner in Ultra Olive– This is a brand that comes in a lot of Ipsy bags. They always send full size products too!! So nice, the value of this eyeliner alone is $17. Almost twice what I paid for the whole bag! Plus I really do like green eyeliners. So this was one of my favorite products this month!!
    • Oil of Morocco Hairspray– This was a great hairspray, lots of hold, without being crunchy, also it has Argan Oil in it, so my hair was super shiny. It made my curls last all day! (Be sure to check out tomorrow for the newest way to curl your hair, quick and simple too)
    • it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye– This brand is really growing on me, then this product comes over and wow, I am so impressed. This under eye concealer is certainly full coverage. It is very similar to Kat Von D concealer. You seriously need like the worlds smallest bit to cover both eyes. It is crazy good, plus it does not shift or settle at all!
    • J.Cat Wonder Lip Paint– Another full size product this month!! It retails for about $5 at Ulta. While I am not a huge fan of the color, it is a great cranberry color that will look great for the holidays. It was a bit hard to apply, and needed some touchup through out the day. But over all, I did like it.
    • Bag– Lets not forget the best part: the bag! I loved this months bag. It is a silver glittery bag, with a bright pink zipper. So cute!!

    Overall I am very happy with my bag this month. It retails close to $30. So very much worth it.

    What about all of you? Do any of you have a beauty subscription?

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  • Feature Friday Link Party!!!

    “Friday Feature Linky Party”



    Karren Haller | Oh My Heartsie Girl | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+
    This is Karren your Host and as most of you know, I love finding unusual crafts and great recipes, and this week is no different, but I have found something that was not only a great idea but so romantic and thoughtful, you’ll see. Grab a cup of your fav beverage, curl up and take a look at my chosen feature.

    Divider 371855gobubm297pI was visiting some of the blogs in my Wordless Wednesday this last week I came onto the sweetest, most thoughtful and thought out idea I have seen in a while. Stephanie over at Managing A Home wanted to do something really special for Christmas last year 2013 and having a new baby Dec 16th, she knew she would have to get planning so everything was done before Thanksgiving, all her presents were purchased and wrapped and under the tree. This girl is organized……
    Now……One person left, her husband, she wanted something special for him, something that would be thoughtful and bring them closer together (beside the baby,right) well she decided to create a “Year Of Dates” (not the kind you eat and not a calendar) enough nonsense. She sat down……….Have I got you curious? Ok now you have to read the rest of the story on her blog over at Managing A Home it will make you smile. Let her know where you saw the beginning of this story (or the tantalizer)…………

    Meet Stephanie | Managing A HomeStephanie

    Friday Feature Linky Weekly Party

    Ginger Snap Pumpkin Cheescake Cakes Cottage Cakes Cottage | Gingersnap Pumpkin Cheescake This dessert looks absolutely Yumculicious, and something different by using gingersnaps for the crust.
    thanksgiving-desserts from Up State RamblingsUp State Ramblings | 10 Fabulous Thanksgiving Desserts I bet you can find at least one new dessert to try from this collection, what looks good?Friday Feature Kat from Confessions of a perfect mom

    My important fashion tip this week: Styling a Fall Wardrobe on a Zero Budget:

    1. Where Fashion and Function Meet, Add an Extra Layer
    2. Stretch Your Selective Wardrobe, Repurpose Existing Pieces
    3. When in Doubt, Add an Accessory (or Three)
    With these three tips, she was able to create fun fall looks without spending any money.

    Stop over and check out the entire post for the complete tips on building a fall wardrobe without breaking the bank:

    Tips For Frugal Fall Fashion

    My Co-Host Kat from Confessions of a Perfect Momma Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google +


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  • Thankful Tree

    First I want to say a big Thank You to Kat from Confessions of the Perfect Mom for giving me an opportunity to guest post on her beautiful blog.  One of the things that I have loved most about starting my own blog is “meeting” such an amazing community of bloggers.  Thank you Kat.  Working with you has been such a pleasure.  If anyone would like to come and visit my blog, Just Only Home, you are more than welcome to stop by.  Let me know that you found me on Confessions of the Perfect Mom!


    The Thankful Tree

    This season leading up to Thanksgiving is one of my favorites. If there is anything I’d like to be, it is thankful, and I love the idea of expressing our gratitude in a way that is visual and beautiful.  Something that the children can wake to in the morning and add to before bed each night.

    We made our first Thankful Tree this year, and I think it turned out well.  I hope that each year it will be a family tradition. The idea is for each person in the house to write one thing they are thankful for on a leaf each day until Thanksgiving weekend.


    We were inspired by Life’s Hidden Treasures and her idea for a Thankful Tree.  We weren’t sure how we wanted to go about it, though.  We pondered making a paper version for the wall, or finding branches outside and setting them in a base.  We decided our tree needed wooden branches so we tromped around the yard a bit finding some branches that came down in our last mini blizzard.  We just needed a few small branches to fit in my tall vase.  Then we filled in with small pebbles to add weight.

    My teen gals helped me cut out all different colors of fall leaves and the little ones helped to color in the side of the leaves we will not be writing on.  It was my favorite part of the whole evening and we accompanied it with Glazed Honey Rolls and Pumpkin Butter.  I love the moments I can spend with them creating memories and this was what I wrote about on my own personal first thankful leaf.


    We then cut some pieces of string to tie on and used a hole punch on the leaves.  Now they are ready to go each night when it is time to add our daily gratitude.


    Now every day each family member can write down something that they are thankful for and attach it to the tree.  I am looking forward to watching the leaves grow while the trees outside remain bare!  I hope that this helps my family really appreciate the significance of what we are celebrating in our own lives

    I think our Thanksgiving tree is perfect.

  • Tips For Frugal Fall Fashion

    My Tips for Frugal Fall Fashion

    Hi there! I’m Leesha, and I normally blog over at Living Contently where I do my best to share practical tips for living healthy, being frugal, and finding contentment! I am so excited that Kat has invited me over to share a few tips with all of you. I connected with Kat over social media and am so glad I did. It was literally one of those connections that just felt like it was “meant to be” as we instantly found a common thread in our separate spaces of the blogosphere.

    I’ll just put a disclaimer out there right now; I am no fashionista (one reason I have so much to learn from Kat). I do, however, enjoy looking put together and feeling “cute and trendy” just as much as the next person. As I put together any ensemble, though, my goal is always keeping it budget-friendly, especially when I am working on bulking up my seasonal styles.

    If I followed the urge to shop for new pieces each season, I’d obviously have a larger wardrobe but would also end up with a maxed out budget and unmet financial goals. As we transitioned to fall this year, I found my desire to create a fashion forward fall wardrobe rearing its head even more so than normal, so I did what I normally do – considered how I could make my fashion focus fit within my budget, my zero budget. After I pondered for a few minutes, I came up with my now “go-to” tips for frugal fall fashion and several fun new outfits to sport this season.

    Styling a Fall Wardrobe on a Zero Budget:

    Like I said, my goal in coming up with looks this fall was focused on spending little to no money but still keeping up with current trends. By heading into my own closet and being a little creative, I came up with some guidelines for styling my seasonal wardrobe but sticking to our financial plan. What’s even better with these styling tips is that I am able to use some of my favorite pieces across the seasons, so I get even more bang for my limited fashion buck!

    1. Where Fashion and Function Meet, Add an Extra Layer

    Obviously one of the key focuses during fall is looking cute and staying warm. One of my favorite ways to meet both of these necessities is by layering up. I love paring a basic sweater with a button up for a dressy but casual look day or night. Another way I layer is by pairing a lightweight cotton sweater with my favorite corduroy jacket. Layers are fashion must for fall. Plus, with layers you gain added warmth without the bulk of a heavy coat or breaking into your budget.

    Add a Layer

    2. Stretch Your Selective Wardrobe, Repurpose Existing Pieces

    Like I mentioned already, this is one of my favorite ways to stretch my wardrobe – using pieces I already have in fun new ways. This paisley dress is a perfect example. I love this piece because it’s just so comfortable, and it just makes me feel pretty. By itself, it’s not especially “fall worthy,” being more of a spring/summer piece. By adding a sweater and a jacket over top, though, I am able to wear it through the fall, too. As you work on creating new fall outfits, consider using pieces you currently have in new ways. I’m sure you’ll be surprised what new combos you can find that work.


    3. When in Doubt, Add an Accessory (or Three)

    On days where I’m just feeling “at a lost” for effective fall fashion choices, I turn to this option. Whether it’s adding a scarf (my favorite fall accessory), a cute pair of boots, or a fun belt, accessories make all the difference in an outfit. Take this ensemble. I paired a basic black sweater with a neutral scarf, and a skinny belt, and I have a cute fall look without spending a penny. (These are all items I had in my closet.) I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with creative new looks by adding fun accessories to some of your basic favorites, too.

    Add An Accessory

    With these three tips, I am able to create fun fall looks without spending any money, and I know you can, too! Try your hand at crafting a new fall ensemble with a few of my tips and see how much fun shopping your closet can be!

    I’d love to see what outfits you come up with! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so we can swap ideas! Looking for more tips for saving money? Stop by Living Contently and check out my other suggestions. I’d love to have you!

    What are you fall fashion tips? How do you save money on your seasonal wardrobe?


  • Terrific Tuesday- Co Host

    Totally Terrific Tuesday Link Party @ Live Randomly Simple

    Good evening everyone!!! It’s an odd time for me to be going live… BUT….  I am so totally excited to be Co-Hosting this weeks Totally Terrific Tuesday Link Party!!! Over the last little bit I have gotten to know the INCREDIBLE Host of this party, and she is so wonderful. It has been such a treat to get to know her. Make sure that you check her out here, cause, if you pay close attention, she will be making another appearance or two over here. So without waiting another moment….

    Let’s start out by introducing my AMAZING co-host this week!

    Host- Jessica From Live Randomly Simple

    I’m Jessica, over at Live Randomly Simple! So excited to have Kat Co-hosting this week with me! Seriously giddy with pee my pants excitement!! So here is a little about me, I am a mama to one beautiful girl, a craft store owner @AmericanClutter, and a blogger! I am a coffee drinking fool (literally I am not sure I drink anything other than coffee these days lol), I love DIY’s, cooking and living life!

    Please be sure to stop by her blog and give her some love! Then take a few more seconds of your precious time and follow her on social media!

    Follow Jessica

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    My Feature Pick

    how to make boot socks, diy socks for boots, leg warmers diy

    My feature pick is from Jessica @ Living on the Cheap and how she made boot socks out of thrift store sweaters! Love me some boots (I wear them year round), and I’m always looking for boot socks! These are simple and you are not going to spend a fortune on them. Perfection, in my opinion. Make sure you stop by Jessica’s blog and find out how you can make your own too!

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    Most Loved Link

    The importance of daddy time, parenting, awesome dads

    I loved this post as much as you did! I know that the time my daughter spends with her daddy means the world to the both of them and it warms my heart, so this post really hit home! I think Daddy time is so important and Sierra’s hubby is simply amazing! Check out her post on Winks and Eyerolls and find out why!

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    “OMG WOW” Feature

    refurbish your dining room chairs, pottery barn knock off, how to refurbish a chair

    Seriously!? This is such an awesome refurb, and I really think anyone can do it! Although this may put a dent in the amount of chairs I find roadside! I kinda want to keep it a secret now that I think about it, I mean what if they realize how easy it is to make them look this fab! YIKES lol. Stop by Lauren’s blog Blesser House and check out what these chairs looked like before the refurb…you will be shocked!

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    Live Randomly Simple

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  • Monday MakeUp- Getting Naked Again

    naked basics 2

    Have you heard? Urban Decay came out with another basics pallet!! Okay so you probably have, since it came out this summer, but I just got my hands on it. I LOVED the first one (you can see that post here), so much that I have gone through (hit the pan through) a number of them now. When I heard that they were coming out with another one, I was over the moon. But then it looked so similar, I held off on buying it.

    In Naked 2 Basics there are 6 matte colors-

    • Skimp- Says that it is a satin finish, however, it looks more matte then satin. It is a light peachy-nude shade that is great as a base or a highlight.
    • Stark- This is a great pink/nude matte color. It has quickly become one of my favorites.
    • Frisk- This is a brownish gray. Perfect for blending and as a transition color. Personally, I have ended up using it on every look. It reminds me of MAC Omega.
    • Cover- This is the only warm color in the pallet. Normally I shy away from anything with a red undertone. This however, turned into a great warm brown shade.
    • Primal- This is a cool brown shade. Another favorite of mine.
    • Undone- This is a cool brownish-gray color. I love smudging it on my lash line. This is very similar to MAC Brun.

    Just like in the original, the shades all work well together and are meant to create a variety of looks. All of the shades are easy to work with, and very blend-able. With the exception of Skimp, they are all matte; which I think is better for a day look. It creates very soft, neutral looks. While it also has the ability to crank it up with the colors Primal and Undone.

    The first Naked Basics pallet that came out, was a very warm pallet. This one on the other hand, is mostly cool colors. Personally, I like the cool colors better. While this one does not have the range that the original did (with missing a white and a black), for daytime looks I think that it has mastered it.

    What about you, has anyone else tried this pallet yet? What are your thoughts? Do you prefer cooler or warmer shades?

  • Friday Feature Linky Party!!

    Friday Feature Linky Weekly Party

    If you stopped by last week you would have met my wonderful Co-Host from Oh My Heartsie Girl. If not, then what are you waiting for. Go and check her out… Like Now. Don’t worry we will wait.

    {Cue weird elevator music}

    Okay now that you are back, lets get this party started:

     So excited to share a few posts with you!! Our first post is a big trend right now: Plaid. Hello 1990. But plaid is being worn in a very different way this go around. No more lumberjack looks this time, thank you very much.
    Check out how to wear it as an accent:


    Also I am sharing this amazing drugstore (aka inexpensive) find. Most of
    us wear foundation on a daily basis, some of us spend a small fortune on it.
    I know I did, totally thought that for a great, or really even a decent
    foundation, you had to shell out big bucks. This is so not the case. I
    found the BEST foundation, at the drugstore for a fraction of the cost.
    Check out this great find if you are spending to much on your foundation:Holy Grail of Foundations Then for my pick from last week Linky Party
    Pumpkin Rice Pudding from Gluten Free With Judee

    I am a HUGE rice pudding fan and I am a HUGE pumpkin fan. This amazing
    recipe combines the two in a super simple, even I can make this, dessert!!
    It will be on my to-make this weekend.Vegan Pumpkin RIce Pudding

    Welcome To Fridays Features Linky Party

    Oh My Heartsie Girl | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+
    This is Karren as most of you know I love finding unusual crafts and great recipes, and this week is no different, so grab a cup of your fav beverage and take a look at my chosen features.

    Divider 371855gobubm297p

    Make Your Own Upcycled Jars and Lids, from Smile For No reason

    From Kathy Piper from Smile For No Reason | Up Cycled Jars and Lids
    We all know that buying glass jars to fill with goodies to give as hostess gifts, teacher gifts, or birthday presents can become quite expensive. Today, I want to share with you how to create your own decorative glass containers from recycled jars.

    Divider 371855gobubm297p

    And a something scrumptious and most popular was Deanna’s Pull Apart Cinnamon Loaf
    Featured on Wanda Ann | Memories By The Mile


    Divider 371855gobubm297p No Churn Moose Tracks Ice Cream from The Lou Lou Girls

    I have been hungry for caramel lately and when I saw this I thought, thats it, this will hit the spot, No Churn Moose Tracks Ice Cream from the Lou Lou Girls
    From Lou Lou Girls | Delicious Almond Joy Squares

    Special Mention

    Katherines Corner Cookie Swap
    Free Fun Banners I found while I visited Renae Ann Smiths Blog
    Santa’s Steamy Help Giveaway
    Sunday Recipe Featured Kitchen Autumn Spice Cookies

    If you have been featured please feel free to grab our
    “Featured Blogger Banner” I-was-featured-On-Oh-My-Heartsie-Girl

    [ Or Found Here ]
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  • Looking to Trim Some Calories AND Give Back?

    How it Works


    Are you looking to trim some calories, without sacrificing your favorite foods? Are you looking for easy ways to give back this season? Then this app has your name all over it.

    While I don’t obsess over my calories/weight/what I am eating. I do like to eat healthy, and this time of year there are so many sweets, that if I can save a few calories for an extra cookie later, I will take it. But I am certainly not going to diet, or count every calorie. So when Food Tweeks talked to me about this app, I was pretty excited.

    First, this is a free app. And who doesn’t like a free app? You just have to download it, and set up an account. And off you go.

    Once you get all set up, it is so simple to use. You click the search button at the bottom left corner, then type in the food that you are wanting. It will then search, and pull up all kinds of little “Tweeks” you can do. This way you still get to eat your favorite foods, without sacrificing taste; all while saving a few calories.



    Then it keeps tracks of your progress. So since I have started to using is, I have pulled 240 calories out of my diet. (We won’t mention that I have ate more then that in my children’s Halloween candy that is sitting around the house. But sshhh that is just between us) Which is nice to know, so after a few days, you would have “Tweeked” enough to have a small reward.

    But the best part of this app, is that for every calorie you cut out of your diet, all those calories that you have tweeked, get out into your bag. Once you get 600 calories in your bag, then they donate a bag of food to someone who needs it. Our family tries to help others as much as we can, and this gives us a way to incorporate into our daily lives. My daughters love asking me to tweek my meals, so the calories can go to others. It is helping them feel like they are giving back AND keeping me accountable for making healthy choices with my food.

    If you want more information go their website and check it out.  Click Here

  • Calling All Bloggers!!! Calling All Bloggers!!!


    Are you a blogger?
    Are you looking for new readers?
    Looking to get exposure?
    Then I want YOU!

    That may be a little dramatic, but it did get your attention. If you are looking for those things, then I can help you. I am looking for a few guest posts coming up, and I would LOVE to feature you. If you are interested then leave a comment letting me know. Be sure to leave an email or way for me to get a hold of you.

    I can’t wait to work with you all.


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