Tips For Frugal Fall Fashion

My Tips for Frugal Fall Fashion

Hi there! I’m Leesha, and I normally blog over at Living Contently where I do my best to share practical tips for living healthy, being frugal, and finding contentment! I am so excited that Kat has invited me over to share a few tips with all of you. I connected with Kat over social media and am so glad I did. It was literally one of those connections that just felt like it was “meant to be” as we instantly found a common thread in our separate spaces of the blogosphere.

I’ll just put a disclaimer out there right now; I am no fashionista (one reason I have so much to learn from Kat). I do, however, enjoy looking put together and feeling “cute and trendy” just as much as the next person. As I put together any ensemble, though, my goal is always keeping it budget-friendly, especially when I am working on bulking up my seasonal styles.

If I followed the urge to shop for new pieces each season, I’d obviously have a larger wardrobe but would also end up with a maxed out budget and unmet financial goals. As we transitioned to fall this year, I found my desire to create a fashion forward fall wardrobe rearing its head even more so than normal, so I did what I normally do – considered how I could make my fashion focus fit within my budget, my zero budget. After I pondered for a few minutes, I came up with my now “go-to” tips for frugal fall fashion and several fun new outfits to sport this season.

Styling a Fall Wardrobe on a Zero Budget:

Like I said, my goal in coming up with looks this fall was focused on spending little to no money but still keeping up with current trends. By heading into my own closet and being a little creative, I came up with some guidelines for styling my seasonal wardrobe but sticking to our financial plan. What’s even better with these styling tips is that I am able to use some of my favorite pieces across the seasons, so I get even more bang for my limited fashion buck!

1. Where Fashion and Function Meet, Add an Extra Layer

Obviously one of the key focuses during fall is looking cute and staying warm. One of my favorite ways to meet both of these necessities is by layering up. I love paring a basic sweater with a button up for a dressy but casual look day or night. Another way I layer is by pairing a lightweight cotton sweater with my favorite corduroy jacket. Layers are fashion must for fall. Plus, with layers you gain added warmth without the bulk of a heavy coat or breaking into your budget.

Add a Layer

2. Stretch Your Selective Wardrobe, Repurpose Existing Pieces

Like I mentioned already, this is one of my favorite ways to stretch my wardrobe – using pieces I already have in fun new ways. This paisley dress is a perfect example. I love this piece because it’s just so comfortable, and it just makes me feel pretty. By itself, it’s not especially “fall worthy,” being more of a spring/summer piece. By adding a sweater and a jacket over top, though, I am able to wear it through the fall, too. As you work on creating new fall outfits, consider using pieces you currently have in new ways. I’m sure you’ll be surprised what new combos you can find that work.


3. When in Doubt, Add an Accessory (or Three)

On days where I’m just feeling “at a lost” for effective fall fashion choices, I turn to this option. Whether it’s adding a scarf (my favorite fall accessory), a cute pair of boots, or a fun belt, accessories make all the difference in an outfit. Take this ensemble. I paired a basic black sweater with a neutral scarf, and a skinny belt, and I have a cute fall look without spending a penny. (These are all items I had in my closet.) I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with creative new looks by adding fun accessories to some of your basic favorites, too.

Add An Accessory

With these three tips, I am able to create fun fall looks without spending any money, and I know you can, too! Try your hand at crafting a new fall ensemble with a few of my tips and see how much fun shopping your closet can be!

I’d love to see what outfits you come up with! Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram so we can swap ideas! Looking for more tips for saving money? Stop by Living Contently and check out my other suggestions. I’d love to have you!

What are you fall fashion tips? How do you save money on your seasonal wardrobe?



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