• Friday Feature Linky Party

    Hello everyone, I have a surprise for you!!
    So excited to be Co-Hosting Friday Feature Linky Party!!!!!!

    You might remember that I was the Co-Host last month for Wordless Wednesday, and it went so awesomely that I asked (okay I probably more like begged and pleaded) for another round. And our wonderful Host was so awesome to let me Co-Host this party!! If you didn’t get a moment to check her out last month, be sure to jump over there and check her out.

    Karren from Oh My Heartsie Girl is a country girl living in the big city. Growing up she had lots of family around to teach her the finer points of country living. She took an interest in sewing and was able to sew a lot of her own clothes. After having kids she then designed clothes for them. She has moved on from clothes into jewelry now a days. She has a wonderful blog where she shares all of her crafts and her jewelry. Make sure that you check her out.

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    On to the PARTY!!!

    To Brow or Not To Brow

    To Brow or Not To Brow

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    Welcome To Fridays Features Linky Party

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    As I like to do I love finding unusual pretty things ad great recipes, ad this week is no different, so grab a cup of your fav beverage and take a look.

    Divider 371855gobubm297p

    | Cameo Cottage |

    Acorns made from the tops of acorns glued onto glass beads!! How beautiful!!! | Cameo Cottage

    Glass _ Bead _ Acorns  from Cameo Cottage Designs

    Twine pumpkins, how interesting a pumpkin made using twine, she amazes me with her creations. | Cameo Cottage

    Twine _ Pumpkins _ from Cameo Cottage

    Divider 371855gobubm297p

    | Confessions of a Plate Addict |

    Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration from| Confessions of a Plate Addict

    Thinking about thanksgiving tablescape from conessions of a plate addict Debbie has such a talent with decorating I could not resist in sharing her ideas. Made with faux pumpkins and spray paint.

    Divider 371855gobubm297p Our post would not be complete without a recipe and I found these yumculicious looking Mini Turtle Pumpkin Cheescakes at If you like chocolate and caramel added to cheesecake what could be bettter. | Crazy For Crust

    Mini-Turtle-Pumpkin-Cheesecakes from

    Special Mention

    If your interested in new cookie recipes for Christmas Gift Giving or just to try new ones, Katherines Corner is having a Christmas Cookie Swap, she would love it if you would stop by for a visit and check out all the cookies growing in the Linky!!!

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  • What to Wear Wednesday- How To Wear Plaid

    Plaid, plaid, plaid everywhere. Everywhere I look people are wearing plaid. (Mostly not well) Let me start by saying that I didn’t like the plaid trend back in the 90’s and I am not a fan of it this go round. That being said, there are ways to stay on trend with this; without looking like a lumberjack.


    How to Wear Plaid-

    • Think accents, not full outfits. I have a great purple plaid infinity scarf that I actually like. It is nice to wear with my boots, some skinny jeans, a black tee and then using the plaid as my pop of color. It ties into the boots, for an urban cowboy look. It is small enough to not be to over the top, but still trendy.
    • What about your sneakers? There are tons of great plaid sneakers. Again this adds a small bit of plaid to stay on trend, but not so much to over power your outfit.
    • Last week, I posted about wearing boots. (You can check that out here) The other day, I saw a girl wearing some pink plaid socks out over the top of her boots with some black leggings. It was a really cute look, and even I would wear some plaid socks with my boots and leggings.
    • With a headband, there are so many options here. I have seen simple headband with a plaid bow, to full wraparound headbands that are solid plaid.
    • If you must wear a full collared, button up, cuffed, plaid shirt. Then wear it with a pair of jeans and either a simple black jacket or single colored hoodie. This way the only plaid that you are seeing is the collar and then cuffs.

    I think the main thing to take away here, is think of plaid as an accent; not the main look.

    What about you all, do you wear plaid? Were you into it in the 90’s? Let me know what you think of this trend.


  • To Brow or Not To Brow..

    It seems that thick, sculpted brows are everywhere these days. Long gone are the over plucked, barely there brows. While we are embracing the more natural brow, this does not mean an un-groomed brow. I, personally, think that while “brow is in”, they are harder then ever to maintain.


    Until just recently, I had not put much thought into my brows. There were something that I would wax every once in while. When I went from having thick brows, to a caterpillar living on my face. While I am lucky to have full brows, they are a little on the intense side. They go from just about my crease to well above where they should, and the span almost my entire face. Not only are they massive, they are very long. When I go in to get waxed, they also have to trim them. I swear they have a mind of their own.

    This is why I laughed when my waxer asked me, “What do you use to fill these in with?”. Seriously you have just waxed most of my forehead, from ear to ear, then had to trim the ones that you left. Now you want me to fill them in. “Fill what in exactly?” was my response, once I stopped laughing and realized she was completely serious. Her, dead serious, response was to trust her; then she filled them in. While I was not a huge fan of the product she used, I was blown away with the subtle change it made on my face. It lifted my eyes, gave definition to my forehead, and perfectly framed my eyes. Filling in brows is not just for those with thin, sparse or missing eyebrows any more.

    Now the questions are: what products do you use, how do you get it and can you pull it off?

    • What Products to Use-
      • There are so many products on the market today: pencils, powders, waxes, mascara like wands. It was a bit overwhelming when I started to looking at products. While I like the ease of use with the mascara wands, I fell in love with Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows. It combines powder and a wax. You get the subtle look of the powder but the holding and staying power of a wax. For me, the powder makes for a much softer, natural look. And with Paula Dorf 2+1 for Brows, you get two shades that match just about EVERY hair color. You can check out the exact product here. Plus for a limited time, you can get a free brow-brush with the purchase of a 2+1 for Brow order. Just use code BROWBRUSH at check out.
    • How to Fill in Brows Correctly-
      • For me this took a little bit of trial and error. Once I decided on Paula Dorf, I looked everywhere and watched so many tutorials on brow powder. Here is the way that, to me, looks the most natural and the softest brows
        • Step 1- Dip brush onto powder (I tap the top of the powder. It does not take much)
        • Step 2- Dip on the wax
        • Step 3- Line the underside of your brow starting on the inner corners (by your nose)
        • Step 4- Blend upward
        • Step 5- Fill in any missing gaps, using short upward motions
        • Step 6- Make sure all brow hairs are in place. Use a clean spoolie to make sure everything is in place.
        • Step 7- Step back and admire your work.
    • Can You Pull it Off-
      • ABSOLUTELY!! There is no reason for a girl with any brow shape, or any thickness, not to give this a try. It looks great on everyone!!

    Do you makeup your brows when putting on your makeup? What products do you use? How do you apply it? Let me know, I am totally fascinated with brows at the moment.


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