• Book Review- The Donor

    the donor

    “Casey Williams and her family are poor. Her parents work non-stop and so does she, just so they can keep the trailer roof from leaking.

    They’re getting by fine enough when the headaches start. Then there’s the nosebleeds. And the inevitable doctor’s bills.

    Fortunately for Casey, there’s MyTrueMatch.com: an exclusive, quick, and almost easy way to pay it all back before her parents even have to know.

    All she has to do is give a man she’s never met whatever he wants from her body.
    Inside or out.”

    Sounds intriguing. Let me start by saying that this book did not go where I thought that it would. In my mind it was pretty straight forward. I thought that it was going to be about an overly handsome strong male character, and a weak female role. And he was going to be paying for: dates, championship and sex.  Then she would fall in the love with the overbearing and scarred male persona. Typical typical

    Nope, I was off. That is most certainly not where this book was headed, and did not play out how I thought that it would. There is a great, deeper storyline and where it goes is not foreseen. That being said I really wanted to love this book, but that is not the case. While I did not, not like it; I also didn’t love it.

    For me the writing was a bit choppy. There are lots of flash back, on both characters. It at times makes it hard to follow the current story line, or keep up with who’s flashback we are in. Along those lines, the chapters are incredibly short; and each starting with a flash back. I would have liked to see more development of the storyline. It almost read as if the author could not go over a word count.

    Would I read it again? Probably not. Would I recommend it for others? If they had say an airplane ride, or long rode trip, then it might be good for that. I was able to read the whole book on my flight (about 2 hours).  Neither good nor bad.

    What about you guys, what do you do when you read something that is not bad but not great either? Do you still recommend it out? I am torn here.

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  • Christmas Eve Look

    Is everyone ready for Christmas? Are all the stocking hung by the chimney with care?Can you believe that tomorrow, like TOMORROW is Christmas Eve? Where did December go? We are mostly ready over here, I do try to get things lined up well in advance; because I don’t like the added stress of racing around to find things that have long been sold out. BUT….. I have yet to start wrapping anything. I am a major procrastinator when it comes to wrapping. Anyone else? Well since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, then lets not waste any more time and get to the point.. A great Christmas Eve makeup look


    I know that I have talked about Boots No7 before, but it is by far one of my favorite brands. Everything that they do from lipsticks to skin care, is just of the highest quality. It out preforms (in my opinion) the majority of the higher priced brands. That is why I was THRILLED when they sent me this mini pallet to try. So this post will have a review AND a quick easy Christmas Eve Eye Look.

    It has 8 wonderful shades that all blend so easily and work well together. It is a bit on the neutral/cool side, but for winter that is right on trend. I love all the gray and purple tones.

    1. Is a very slightly shimmery white. Great for highlighting
    2. Is a minor glittery gray.
    3. Is a pearl peach color. This is great as your base color.
    4. Is a highly glittery purple/gray color.
    5. Is (the only) matte light brown color. I love this for blending.
    6. Is a dark glittery purple, think eggplant.
    7. Is a shimmery nude color. This is actually my favorite in the set.
    8. It a dark shimmery black. Perfect for lining your eyes with.

    All of this for only $10. Yup that is right, go to any Walgreens or some Targets, you can get this awesome pallet for only $10. And it has the same staying power, and intensity of any of the luxury brand. A great makeup.

    Onto the easy Christmas Eve look, now for me I tend not to go to dark for Christmas and Christmas Eve. I like staying in the sweet side.

    1. Apply #3 from lash to brow.
    2. Apply #7 starting at your outer corner, working in. Bring color in about halfway. Making sure not to bring above your crease.
    3. Apply #5 in your crease and slightly above.
    4. Apply #1 just under your eyebrows.
    5. {Optional} I like to line my upper lash line with my Kajal Eyeliner in Rose Gold.
    6. Coat with No7 Mascara

    Super easy and still festive for the holiday. What about you, what is your look for Christmas Eve? Do you go Naughty or Nice?

  • Laura Ashley Ultimate Indulgence Give Away

    Wow I can’t believe that I have been blogging for a full year now. As a HUGE thank you to everyone that has followed me; back when I had no idea what to blog about, to my long summer hiatus, to figuring out this whole blogging world. I am hosting my very first giveaway!!!


    boots give away

    Here are the top 5 things that I have learned in this year:

    1. It is hard– For some reason when I started this, I thought it would be easy. Oh you know, I will just write after the kids go to bed. Hit submit and the readers will just pour in. HAHAHA!! Between writing, editing, photographing everything, editing that, putting it all together, then getting the word out there; it does take up a lot of my day.
    2. Social Media is a double edged sword– I love social media. Twitter, takes up so much of my time. I enjoy twitter parties, even though I feel like the old person trying to keep up. FaceBook groups are awesome. Google+ is interesting. But once I got the hang of it, I really like their communities on it. Plus when you play that game, Google rewards you and lets more organic searches come your way. Stumble Upon is a wonderful untapped resource. Do we have to mention how great Pinterest is? HOWEVER….. they are a huge time suck, and I find myself going through withdrawal if I go an hour without some sort of social media input lol.
    3. Some of the best people I have “met”, I have never met– Before I entered this crazy world we call blogging, I thought it would be strange to be friends with people that you can’t go grab a drink with. Now I know how foolish that seems. It is because of these amazing people that I have continued to blog, even when I thought I was done. It is because of their help, that my blog is where it is today.
    4. Going after an opportunity– This was one of the hardest parts for me. Wanting a product, or tickets, or a possible sponsored post; thinking of how to make the business would want my little blog involved; typing up the email with my plan and the reasons that they would want ME. Then hitting send. The joy when they emailed back saying it sounds good and they are ready to take the next step. I never thought that I would have big companies want to work with little’ol me.
    5. That I truly love blogging– It seems counter-productive, with everything else I have on my plate, to add something else. Something that is just for me, something that takes a lot of time, something that I don’t get paid big bucks to do. But it gave me a voice again. I am no longer just a wife, or just a mom. It gives me space to be me.

    So with all that said, lets get to what you want to know about…..
    The GIVEAWAY!!! 

    This is a great treat. Huge thanks to Laura Ashley for sponsoring it and sending me the gift. It is full of everything you would need to pamper yourself a bit, and it smells wonderful.

    • Bath Soak
    • Body Butter
    • Body Lotion
    • Body Polisher
    • Shower Cream
    • Fragrance Mist
    • Hand and Nail Cream
    • A Loofah
    • And last but not least, a great bag to keep everything in

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Good Luck!!

  • Candles Candles Candles

    Candle 1

    Hello! My name is Kat and I am a candle addict. Seriously I love them, just about all of them, in every scent. But my favorite is fall scented ones, I may be guilty of burning them year around. There is just so inviting about a house that smells of cinnamon and pumpkin when you walk into the house.

    That being said, I am always on the look out for good candles. They need to have a lot of scent, they need to have a long burn time, and they need to keep the soot to a minimum. For these reasons, I have moved to soy based candles. They seem to have to have all of these qualities and more.

    Old Factory Candles are my favorite soy based candles. They are shipped simply, in a brown cardboard box sectioned out for each of the three 2 ounce candles. The candles themselves are in simple mason jars, with black plastic tops, a sticker on the side saying they are Old Factory Candles, then a sticker on the bottom with the scent. Don’t let their small size fool you, they pack a scent punch just as much as their larger competition. And they have a total burn time of 60 hours!!

    There are a lot of sets to choose from. My choice included:

    1. Cranberry– It has a tang to the smell, not overly sweet. And really does smell like fresh cranberries.
    2. Pumpkin– This is my favorite one of the bunch, but that is not surprising considering my obsession with pumpkin. It has all the scents that you would expect: pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg.
    3. Autumn Leaves- This was a complete surprise to me, it is amazing. It smells exactly like a fall day, playing in the fallen leaves.

    Up till now I have only tried them in my bathroom, while taking a bath. A single candle will fill the entire area with scent. While they are lovely when you light them together, there is no need in a smaller room.

    While they are lovely and by far my favorite candles, they are a bit pricy in my opinion. They cost $25 for the set through Amazon. But there is free shipping, and they go a great job at the gift wrapping.

    For more information just click above

    What about you guys? Do you burn candles around your house? Are you picky about the types of candles?



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  • Feature Friday Party!!

    Welcome To Friday Feature Linky Party
    Here we are in the middle of December, say what, where is this month going? Karren and I wish you the Happiest Of Holidays!!!
    Were happy to have you join us for

    Feature Friday!

    “Friday Feature Linky Party”

    Karren Haller Oh My Heartsie Girl 7-26-2014

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    Oh My Heartsie Girl | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+ | Bloglovin


    {Follow Co-Host Kat }

    Confessions of a Perfect Mom | Pinterest | Twitter | G+ | Facebook | BlogLovin

    Okay this week my features are a bit different:

    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Cleaning
    Do you ever worry about the chemicals that are in your cleaning supplies?
    Then you need to try chemical free cleaning. Yes it really is a real thing
    and yes it actually works!!!

    Great-Read-Gone Girl Confessions of the perfect mom

    My biggest hobby (you know when you actually get a moment away from taking
    care of everything else) is to read. I love a good book. And while I liked
    Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, her other books were much better. Come and
    check out her first book Sharp Objects. Gone Girl

    ~♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥~
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  • Christmas Mini Garland

    Hello Confessions of a Perfect Mom readers! This is Stephanie from Managing a Home and I am so excited to share a quick, simple and VERY inexpensive Christmas mini-ornament garland.


    I love to decorate for holidays, Christmas especially! Unfortunately, in our current home, we don’t have a ton of room to store decorations, so I find myself making them and then throwing them away not able to store them for next year. Needless to say, I am always looking for affordable and easy projects to make my house merry and bright for Christmas. That’s where this project comes in.

    While walking through Target on one of my semi-weekly trips {because who doesn’t go to Target and just browse?} I found these great mini ornaments in the dollar spot. I grabbed them so quick you would think it was Black Friday! I decided to grab a plain, shiny set and a glittery set – because everything is more fun with glitter. I knew instantly that I wanted to make some garland for our newly installed bar in the basement. I searched the dollar spot for something to string them on and stumbled on some simple twine – which would help add a rustic look to the garland.


    Total cost for garland: $3.18 {tax included}

    When I got home I measured the bar and found that it was a little more than 7 feet long. Now it’s time for some math {ew} and when it comes to math for decorating I overestimate all.the.time.

    Knowing it would drape like garland does, and to play it safe, I cut 9 feet of twine. I had 32 ornaments so I placed them approximately 3-3.5 inches apart to ensure that I got all of the ornaments on the twine. Notice I said approximately, this means I measured the first one and placed the rest by looking to see if it looked good. I love doing these kinds of crafts!

    I threaded each ornament on the string and tied a simple knot in the top. I alternated a shiny ornament with a glittered ornament for the entire garland. Again, I didn’t use any method of color sorting, I just made sure that any one color wasn’t too close to one another. You can group them together by color to help create a pattern, but that part of my OCD was not working that day.


    To hang this garland, I used clear command hooks and hung one on either end of the bar. I made a loop on the beginning end and hung it on the left hook.


    I strung the garland across the countertop until I was happy with the length. I hung the garland on the other hook. You will notice that I have extra twine hanging down. I simply cut the twine right above the next ornament.



    I then tied another end knot in the newly cut twine and hung on the hook. In the middle, I secured it to the underside of the bar with a simple piece of tape. My husband didn’t want me to use anything on the bar cabinets themselves, considering all the work he had done, I approved that.


    I am so happy with how our garland turned out! It will be prefect for our first Christmas with a completely functional basement.


    While I am off to plan the party to show this off, you can connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to follow along with our decorations for the season as well as gift giving tips! I would love to see what DIY projects you have going on in your home too!

  • You Think You Liked Gone Girl

    Everyone knows the Gone Girl story. There is a lot hype around Gone Girl. Heck there is a fantastic movie made from it. Don’t get me wrong Gone Girl is a great book. There are lots of plot twists, the characters are deep, really there is nothing bad that I can say about it. With all that being said, in my opinion, she has written better books. Yup you read that right, she has better books.

    Great Read

    Thanks to BirchBox, and their wonderful book club, I was able to receive all of Gillian Flynn’s books. After reading all of them, I think that Sharp Objects is my favorite. It grabbed me from the very first page, and never let me go. Much like Gone Girl, you can’t see the twists coming; and they come fast.

    It is a dark story about murder in a small town. If you are from a small town, you understand that everyone knows everyone and that everyone knows everyones secrets. So when our main character leaves town, for the psych-hospital, she chooses to never return. That is until her job calls her back home.

    With the murder of two young girls needing to be solved. She has to stay. With old wounds and family drama coming back to the surface, how will she survive?

    From the back of the book:

    “Fresh from a brief stay at a psych hospital, reporter Camille Preaker faces a troubling assignment: she must return to her tiny hometown to cover the murders of two preteen girls. For years, Camille has hardly spoken to her neurotic, hypochondriac mother or to the half-sister she barely knows: a beautiful thirteen-year-old with an eerie grip on the town. Now, installed in her old bedroom in her family’s Victorian mansion. Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims- a bit too strongly. Dogged by her own demons, she must unravel the psychological puzzle of her own past if she wants to get the story- and survive this homecoming.”

    Has anyone else read this one? What are your thoughts?

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  • Everything You Have Ever Wanted To Know About……. Cleaning?

    Cleaning, it is one of the chores that we all HAVE to do. Some of us may like it more then others, some of us may be better at it then the rest of us; but we all have to do it. There is no way to get out of it. Well I guess that if you don’t mind coming home to a dirty house, then you can get out of it. But for the most part, there is no getting out of it.


    For those who know me, know my lack of cleaning ability. Not that I don’t try; but I seriously have no ability when it comes to cleaning. Between schooling the girls, getting dinner on the table, laundry, working on the blog; there is just not enough time to scrub the house. Also, I don’t like keeping all those chemicals in the house. With the kids and animals, it just seems like an accident waiting to happen. So even on the rare occasion I feel like cleaning, I simply don’t have the supplies to do it.

    Basically a million excuses for not doing housework. I am kinda the master of getting out of cleaning. HOWEVER, we are getting ready to move into a new house. A beautiful, new home; that my hubby has made into my dream home. It is perfect. Everything from the layout, to the way the light comes in the breakfast room, to the real hard wood floors. It is truly a master piece; and I can’t wait to move in and spend the holidays there. Everything for me is giddy about this change. Well, there is one thing that makes me a bit hesitant: how am I going to keep this castle clean?

    Well I happened to stumble upon E-Cloth Chemical Free Cleaning. Not only did I happen to stumble across them, they were getting ready to hook up a few bloggers with a full set of their cleaning cloths. Talk about fate.

    So I started to look into chemical free cleaning. And I found two amazing facts….

    • First- It is a real thing.
    • Second- It is just as effective as traditional harsh cleaners.

    I was blown away. So with the right cloth, I can get a clean house with just the use of hot water. Mind blown. Looking at their line, they have a specialized cloth for every area of your home; from the kitchen, to the bathroom, from the floors to the fans. Each cloth is designed a little different to accomplish the task at hand. For example, the one for your stove top has a bit of scrubby guys to really remove any baked on food; while the dusting cloth is much more soft. I love that the all over kitchen cleaner, has a scrubby corner; cause I don’t know about your kitchen, but it seems like mine always has some sort of jelly sticky mess on it. They even have cloth’s designed for glass and other shiny surfaces.

    There are no chemicals to keep in the house, all you need is water AND they are all machine washable. No need to buy a new one every week. Sign me up!!! What about you guys? Do you do chemical free cleaning? Are you ready to through out all those toxic chemicals that you normally clean with?

    Well, I am hosting Christmas this year. So be sure to check back in to see how I was able (and how quickly and easily) to get my house all cleaned up for the holidays!

    This post contains product that I received at no cost in exchange for this post. It did not influence my opinions of the product or my review. All my thoughts are completely mine. 

  • Feature Friday Link Party

    Welcome To Friday Feature
    Karren and I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and
    Enjoying The Holidays!!!!

    How was everyone’s December going so far? Anyone all into the holiday season so far? Decorations up, telling everyone Merry Christmas? And on that note, how many of you guys say Merry Christmas verses Happy Holidays? We are lucky enough to live in a small town, and travel to the big city near by often. It gives us a nice opportunity to talk to the girls about when it is ok to say Merry Christmas verses when it is a bit more PC to say Happy Holidays. But my opinion is that any saying with a smile is so much nicer in today’s world; then not saying anything at all.

    On that note, lets get our first party of the holiday season up and going.

    “Friday Feature Linky Party”

    Karren Haller Oh My Heartsie Girl 7-26-2014

    Karren Haller | Oh My Heartsie Girl | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Google+

    Karren’s Friday Features are Christmas Wreaths that she found mostly on Pinterest and the Food Network Wreaths made with foods. Do you make wreaths and display them outside?

    Grinch-Christmas-Wreath-595x800 style blue print

    She loved this, the Grinch That Stole Christmas, Liza from Style Blue Print said that she made this one in about 4 minutes, well maybe give or take a few.christmas-wreath From Just Imagine

    Beautiful with just the Christmas Decorations and your intial!!! From Justin Imagine

    Marshmellow Wreath Food Network

    Making Wreaths With Food, who would have thought of creating a wreaths by using Marshmellows From the Food NetworkRock Candy Wreath Wreaths-018_s4x3.jpg.rend.snigalleryslide from the Food Network

    Rock Candy Wreath would last longer than a real one Food NetworkDivider 371855gobubm297p


    In case you missed my posts this week:

    Looking for a new lipstick? Wanting to know what is season this winter?
    Well Matte is all the rage right now. Need a tips or tricks to pull this
    off, then be sure to check out this week’s Monday MakeUp. Model Co

    Confessions of The Perfect Mom Matt Lipsticks


    Perfect-Parent (1) Ok I love to read. I read just about anything and everything, on a large
    range of topics. This was an AMAZING read on parenting. Even though I have
    been a parent for all of my adult life, I still found so much useful
    advice in this book. It is worth the read, even for us seasoned mamas. Read the whole post here The Perfect Parent

    If you have been featured please feel free to grab our
    “Featured Blogger Banner” I was Featured On Oh My Heartsie Girl  400x400

    [ Or Found Here ]
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  • The “Perfect” Parent

    Perfect Parent

    WOW!! After reading it, was my reaction. For a little background, I am a researcher. I love reading and researching and basically devouring every book on any given topic. Sometimes I read really great ideas and sometimes I put it down knowing it is not for me; but I do read it all. My hubby thinks it is ridiculous, but hey it is who I am.

    So knowing that, when we became parents (not just the first time, but every time we did) I read every parenting book out there. Everything from infancy, to toddlers, to potty training, to sibling rivalry, to types of parenting styles, basically if it had anything to do with being a parent I have read it. And even though, I no long have a baby in the house I continue to read them.

    Why you ask? I mean I have been a parent now for almost half my life, my girls are doing well, many people ask me about my “secret” for being a “perfect” parent. Why spend the time (and money) to continue to read about what others are doing?

    Because kids are ever growing and changing. My kids come at me from different angles all the time, they might need me to come back at them in a new/different way. It is an easy way to find out new ideas to help, if you are having trouble getting through a “phase”. And it is nice to know that my issues are not solely MY issues. Because of this I was so excited to receive an advanced copy of The ”Perfect” Parent.

    This book is by far one of the best that I have read. I love her down to Earth tone. She is so easily relatable and her advice is simple to implement. She breaks her book into 5 different tools:

    1. Honorable Parenting
    2. Approachable Parenting
    3. Sensible Parenting
    4. Reasonable and Responsible Parenting
    5. Enjoyable and Memorable Parenting
    6. Then as a bonus she includes “The Perfect Parent Toolbox” which is a quick reference guide of her book

    I can see, after reading this, that I focus a lot of my parenting at the Enjoyable Parenting. While this is not a bad thing, it leaves things a little unbalanced. Things can’t be enjoyable all the time. And it helped showed me how to be a bit more sensible. This is one book that I will go back to and refer to often as my children challenge me, or as I feel that I am going back to old habits of being unbalanced.

    How about all of you guys? Do you read parenting books, or just go by gut feelings? Would this be a book that you would choose to read? Let me know your thoughts.

    If you are wanting more information please click: The ”Perfect” Parent.


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