Christmas Mini Garland

Hello Confessions of a Perfect Mom readers! This is Stephanie from Managing a Home and I am so excited to share a quick, simple and VERY inexpensive Christmas mini-ornament garland.


I love to decorate for holidays, Christmas especially! Unfortunately, in our current home, we don’t have a ton of room to store decorations, so I find myself making them and then throwing them away not able to store them for next year. Needless to say, I am always looking for affordable and easy projects to make my house merry and bright for Christmas. That’s where this project comes in.

While walking through Target on one of my semi-weekly trips {because who doesn’t go to Target and just browse?} I found these great mini ornaments in the dollar spot. I grabbed them so quick you would think it was Black Friday! I decided to grab a plain, shiny set and a glittery set – because everything is more fun with glitter. I knew instantly that I wanted to make some garland for our newly installed bar in the basement. I searched the dollar spot for something to string them on and stumbled on some simple twine – which would help add a rustic look to the garland.


Total cost for garland: $3.18 {tax included}

When I got home I measured the bar and found that it was a little more than 7 feet long. Now it’s time for some math {ew} and when it comes to math for decorating I overestimate all.the.time.

Knowing it would drape like garland does, and to play it safe, I cut 9 feet of twine. I had 32 ornaments so I placed them approximately 3-3.5 inches apart to ensure that I got all of the ornaments on the twine. Notice I said approximately, this means I measured the first one and placed the rest by looking to see if it looked good. I love doing these kinds of crafts!

I threaded each ornament on the string and tied a simple knot in the top. I alternated a shiny ornament with a glittered ornament for the entire garland. Again, I didn’t use any method of color sorting, I just made sure that any one color wasn’t too close to one another. You can group them together by color to help create a pattern, but that part of my OCD was not working that day.


To hang this garland, I used clear command hooks and hung one on either end of the bar. I made a loop on the beginning end and hung it on the left hook.


I strung the garland across the countertop until I was happy with the length. I hung the garland on the other hook. You will notice that I have extra twine hanging down. I simply cut the twine right above the next ornament.



I then tied another end knot in the newly cut twine and hung on the hook. In the middle, I secured it to the underside of the bar with a simple piece of tape. My husband didn’t want me to use anything on the bar cabinets themselves, considering all the work he had done, I approved that.


I am so happy with how our garland turned out! It will be prefect for our first Christmas with a completely functional basement.


While I am off to plan the party to show this off, you can connect with me on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to follow along with our decorations for the season as well as gift giving tips! I would love to see what DIY projects you have going on in your home too!


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