Laura Ashley Ultimate Indulgence Give Away

Wow I can’t believe that I have been blogging for a full year now. As a HUGE thank you to everyone that has followed me; back when I had no idea what to blog about, to my long summer hiatus, to figuring out this whole blogging world. I am hosting my very first giveaway!!!


boots give away

Here are the top 5 things that I have learned in this year:

  1. It is hard– For some reason when I started this, I thought it would be easy. Oh you know, I will just write after the kids go to bed. Hit submit and the readers will just pour in. HAHAHA!! Between writing, editing, photographing everything, editing that, putting it all together, then getting the word out there; it does take up a lot of my day.
  2. Social Media is a double edged sword– I love social media. Twitter, takes up so much of my time. I enjoy twitter parties, even though I feel like the old person trying to keep up. FaceBook groups are awesome. Google+ is interesting. But once I got the hang of it, I really like their communities on it. Plus when you play that game, Google rewards you and lets more organic searches come your way. Stumble Upon is a wonderful untapped resource. Do we have to mention how great Pinterest is? HOWEVER….. they are a huge time suck, and I find myself going through withdrawal if I go an hour without some sort of social media input lol.
  3. Some of the best people I have “met”, I have never met– Before I entered this crazy world we call blogging, I thought it would be strange to be friends with people that you can’t go grab a drink with. Now I know how foolish that seems. It is because of these amazing people that I have continued to blog, even when I thought I was done. It is because of their help, that my blog is where it is today.
  4. Going after an opportunity– This was one of the hardest parts for me. Wanting a product, or tickets, or a possible sponsored post; thinking of how to make the business would want my little blog involved; typing up the email with my plan and the reasons that they would want ME. Then hitting send. The joy when they emailed back saying it sounds good and they are ready to take the next step. I never thought that I would have big companies want to work with little’ol me.
  5. That I truly love blogging– It seems counter-productive, with everything else I have on my plate, to add something else. Something that is just for me, something that takes a lot of time, something that I don’t get paid big bucks to do. But it gave me a voice again. I am no longer just a wife, or just a mom. It gives me space to be me.

So with all that said, lets get to what you want to know about…..

This is a great treat. Huge thanks to Laura Ashley for sponsoring it and sending me the gift. It is full of everything you would need to pamper yourself a bit, and it smells wonderful.

  • Bath Soak
  • Body Butter
  • Body Lotion
  • Body Polisher
  • Shower Cream
  • Fragrance Mist
  • Hand and Nail Cream
  • A Loofah
  • And last but not least, a great bag to keep everything in

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Good Luck!!


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