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No 7 Skin


Mid-Thirties…… They are interesting. You really start going from looking like a kid, to a full fledged adult. Whether you want to or not. The little lines around your eyes start to, not only appear but make a daily appearance. The “smile lines” (you know the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth) are always there. And those dark circles that you use to only get when you got no sleep and had a bit to much wine, also start showing up on a normal basis. Ugh… no more simple flawless skin, that you forget to take care of.

It might sound totally superficial and vein, but man I hate that my skin is getting older along with me. It was hard enough leaving my 20’s and entering my 30’s. But then my face started to betray me and show the rest of the world how old I am, even though I don’t feel any older then 25.

Well, I knew how great Boots No7’s makeup was, so I was thrilled when they sent me some of their skin care line. (Okay, I may have pleaded for a sample to try after hearing so many great reviews about it). They sent it to me at no cost, but that has not in any way affected my review. All the thoughts and opinions are mine and mine alone.

They sent me:

  • Protect & Perfect Day Cream- Intense
  • Protect & Perfect Night Cream- Intense
  • Youthful Eye Serum
  • Protect & Perfect Anti Aging Serum- Advanced
  • Beautiful Skin- Sunscreen

My skin has honestly never looked better. The little lines around my eyes, are GONE. That is right G.. O.. N.. E.. My smile lines, while not completely gone, because even as a kid I had them, are greatly reduced. And those dark circles, as long as I am drinking plenty of water, are gone as well. Even my mother has asked what I did, because I look 5 years younger.

Here is what I do in the morning:

  1. Wash my face and neck. No7 has great makeup wipes that do a fantastic job removing everything, if you are not big on doing a full face wash in the mornings.
  2. Pat dry
  3. Apply the Eye Serum under each eye. Just a little bit, think a tic-tac. This will be enough form both eyes.
  4. Apply the Anti-Aging Serum. I use about the size of a small almond, then dot it on each cheek and my forehead. Then we rub it in with circular motions.
  5. Last, but never least, I apply the cream. During the day, I use the Day Cream and at Night I use the Night Cream.

Just one little, simple change was all it took. Just changing my skincare product. And with it being a drugstore name brand, you are not going to dump tons of money to get it. This was by far the best change that I could have made.

What skincare product do you use? Have you started to use a serum?



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