New Year’s Resolutions: Organization

Yes I realize that New Year’s was almost a month ago now. Yes I realize that most people planned their resolutions back in December, and put them in motion back on January 1. But that is just not me. At first I wasn’t going to do them this year, cause I make them all. the. time. and never fulfill them. Then feel bad that I am not putting into motion my resolutions. Bad cycle. Avoid the cycle by just not making them.

Then I asked my amazing blogging tribe which of them had resolutions and what they were. And I had an amazing response, there was no list of things to do better. Most of them actually only had one word ideas, to help make 2015 better then 2014. It was a great concept. Instead of making a list of resolutions, they picked a single word; then everything in their life helped make this one word better. So simple, and yet so powerful.

After thinking it over, and giving it quite some thought; I picked “Organization”.

For those that know me well, know that I am the most un-organized person EVER. Then the very next day, I came across Abby’s post about her new ebook: Simplify. Do you all follow Abby’s blog, Just A Girl And Her Blog? If not, you need to go over there right now and follow however you like best. Go on, we are going to wait………. All signed up? She has one of my favorite blogs ever, everything is so cute and perfect. She has an organizational printout for EVERYTHING. Her printout for meal planning and grocery shopping has totally changed my eating-shopping habit. (Found here)

Call it fate, call it a sign, call it whatever you want; to me it said that I was on the right path. That I not only need to be more organized, but there was help out there for me.


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This book is quite simply amazing. It is so easy to read, so easy to follow along, so easy to actually use and make your life way more organized. Her book not only has all the printables (which I will talk about in a moment) but has full sections on HOW to use them. For me, this was the missing link. I have always loved the idea of having pretty sheets that hold all my information. But there was this block about how to actually implement them into every day life. Her book goes over each one, and the hows. It was exactly what I needed, to move past my block.

Then the printables themselves are ideal. They are pretty, they are simple, and would fit every household. She recommends laminating them, then you don’t have to cross out and re-write items. You simply erase. Keeps everything looking clean. Since I don’t have a laminator, we print and re-print every week. Here is the full list of printables that you get in this book.


I can honestly say that this ebook has changed my life in so many little ways. And all of those little ways, are shaping up for big differences this year. And all of this for only $10.  How better to spend $10, then revamping your “Home Binder”? Get your copy here.

Let me know what you guys think of Abby’s book Simplify. Are there any printables that you would want her to include?


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