Book Review- How To Care For Aging Parent

Where was this book a year ago? A year ago, my husband and I were scratching our heads trying to figure out how best to help his parents. We kept asking, why is there is there no book that could help guide you through this process? If you have an aging parent, then you need to read this book like yesterday.


From Back Of The Book:

“How to Care for Aging Parents is an authoritative, clear, and comforting source of advice and support for the ever-growing number of Americans—now 42 million—who care for an elderly parent, relative, or friend. And now, in its third edition, it is completely overhauled and updated, chapter-by-chapter and page-by-page, with the most recent medical findings and recommendations. It includes a whole new chapter on fraud; details on the latest “aging in place” technologies; more helpful online resources; and everything you need to know about current laws and regulations. Also new are fill-in worksheets for gathering specifics on medications; caregivers’ names, schedules, and contact info; doctors’ phone numbers and addresses; and other essential information in one handy place at the back of the book.

From having that first difficult conversation to arranging a funeral and dealing with grief—and all of the other important issues in between—How to Care for Aging Parents is the essential guide.”

How to Care for Aging Parents, does not sugar coat what you are up against, it does not make the process seem any easier then it is. However, it is extremely comforting knowing that I am not alone. That I am not horrible for feeling some of the things that I have felt throughout this process. That I am not selfish for thinking a few of the things that I have thought.

It guides you through the process, starting with having that first step. Walking you though some of the scenarios that you might be faced with. Everything with talking to your parents, to how to help financially, to when to make medical decisions. I love that it also lays out some “traps” that you might fall into. IE- now that you are taking care of your parents, how you might start to treat them more like children; rather then the adults (with more experience then you) they are now. I know that was one we fell into a lot. It was just easier to tell them what to do and make a decision, rather then trying to explain a complex issue, then answer a hundred questions, get their input and then go with what we thought in the first place. But they are adults, capable of making their own choices; and deserve the respect as your parents. This book showed us how to better talk with them, and since then our relationship is so much better with them.

If you are dealing with an aging parent, or will be, then you need to pick up a copy of this book. It really will make the process so much easier.

Has anyone else had to start dealing with this yet? What did you all do to prepare yourselves for it? Where did you go for information?

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