Monday MakeUp- Pure Glamour Easy Day Look

Who doesn’t love a great pallet. Then take it a step further and not only send over the eyeshadows, but lets add the blush, eyeliner and throw in a great brush!! Plus jot down a few different ways use to use the kit. Who would LOVE and want that? I know I do.


This little box come with all those goodies. It’s from my current favorite brand Boots No7. Seriously if you have not popped over to Walgreens (I know odd place to buy makeup), to pick up some of there products; you are sorely missing out. Their makeup line is just as good, if not better, then the more expensive brands. They have a fantastic range of colors and products to choose from. To see more reviews of No7 see here and here.


In this box you are going to receive:

  • Light Gray Brown Eyeshadow- This has a satin finish
  • Dark Gray Brown Eyeshadow- This has more of a glitter finish. Not overly sparkly though.
  • Blush in Soft Damson- This is a super soft pink matte blush
  • Nude Pink Lipgloss- This has lots of shine, subtle color and NO stickiness.
  • Black Pencil Eyeliner- Complete with a smudger at the end.
  • Last but not Least A Directional Powder Brush- I thought that this would be way to big for a blush brush, and there was no powder that came with the set. But after giving it a try, I love it. It gives a big wash of soft color. Totally my go to brush now with my matte blushes.

So here is my favorite look with this kit. We do need to add MAC Brule eyeshadow and your favorite mascara.

  1. Apply MAC Brule all over eyelid, from lash to eyebrow (If you are luck enough not to have lots of veins on your eyelid you can skip this step, but I need a little help)
  2. Apply the No7 light gray brown shade on eyelid; from lash to the crease and corner to corner.
  3. Apply the No7 dark gray brown shade along the lash line.
  4. Use the No7 eyeliner and line upper lash line, then using the smudge side smudge the line into a soft line.
  5. Apply your favorite mascara to both upper and lower lashes
  6. Using the Directional Powder Brush apply blush to cheeks sweeping up to hairline and up to temples.
  7. Apply the lipgloss and you are all set

Great kit, easy to use, lots of ways to go from a simple day look to an evening out on the town. Plus the entire kit is only $25. You can’t even get two shadows at MAC for that price.

Who all has given this brand a try? What is your favorite brand? Or what is your go to look?



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