This House Needs A Mouse


This House Needs A Mouse has to be one of the cutest books out there. It starts:

“This is the story of a house. An ordinary house with ordinary windows and ordinary doors. Ordinary ceilings and ordinary floors…. and three families.”

But even before we started to read it, they loved it. When I got it out of the mail I placed it on our coffee table, before I could go get my cup of tea, the girls were fascinated with the illustrations. Every page was full of color, and more then that… life. There is not an inch ANYWHERE in this book that is dull, or not filled with amazing drawings of what is going on. It immediately sparked the interest and imagination of my little girls. They were making up stories to go along with each page before I was back with my cup of tea.

Then once we started into actually reading this book, they were hooked. They simply fell in love with this little mouse. (They were very upset though, no where in the story did he get a name. So we named him Pip) They were happy when we found a house, they boo-ed when the family was mean, and cheered at the end.

It was wonderful to see my girls so excited about a book. And even last night, when we went to read a bed time story, they didn’t want the princess books, they didn’t want to re-read Frozen.. They wanted to read……. This House Needs A Mouse.. WIN!!

What are your kids favorite books? What kinds of things do they like to read?




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