Mimi’s Adventure In Baking



My daughters (well Tink in particular) LOVE to cook. They would help with every meal if you let them. Here is the issue: I don’t cook. It makes it hard to teach them how to cook, when I don’t do it. Just this year alone (yes as in the month January and only January) I have exploded a turkey dinner (as in one of those heavy glass dishes), set a pan on fire (while just boiling water), and dropped more then a few finished dishes. So not only don’t I cook, I am a danger to be in the kitchen with. Sadly for them, this means that even when I do cook. They often don’t get to cook with me.

My daughters just loved this book. It is an incredibly sweet story about Mimi baking chocolate chip cookies with her grandma. Not only is it a great story, it walks you through how to make chocolate chip cookies in a way that ANYONE (even myself) can bake them. It is step by step directions all dressed up like a story.

If you have kiddos that are interested in baking, then Mimi’s Adventures in Baking will be a must have book for your collection. It would make a perfect first cookbook.

What are your thoughts, would you like a book that mixes storytelling with a recipe? Have you read anything like this before?


  • Heaven Smiling

    My 9 year old loves to be in the kitchen with me. She checks cute cookbooks out from the library regularly. This is probably way below her reading level but she would still enjoy it. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope it’s okay I’ve commented on a few of your posts. I just stopped by and really like your site!

    • Kat Ryan

      It might be. It was below my 11 year olds too, but she loved reading it to Belle and Baby and then the three of them made the cookies. It was a cute afternoon. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the comments. So keep them coming 🙂


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