What To Wear Wednesday- Valentines Wish List

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*This is a sponsored post. While I was paid to write about Candela, it has in no way
changed my opinions. All of the pieces were hand-picked by me
to chat about.”

Oh my, can you believe that it is already Valentine’s Day. I can’t get my head around how fast this year is just flying by. Anyone else feeling that way? Do you all celebrate Valentines Day with loved ones? We do, but we normally just do small things. Maybe flowers, or a nice new mug. Nothing fancy, just small tokens to say I love you.

I recently came across Candela, out in New York and have simply fallen in love with her style. Her entire collection is so feminine. Lots of bows, lace and sheer material; it is exactly what I would I would be wearing. Even though we don’t do anything to huge for Valentines day, I girl can dream.  Here would be my Valentines Wish List (or more practically, my Birthday list. But that is quite a ways off),

shoe 2


I am loving these shoes. They are without a doubt, my favorite item on her site. The color is my all time favorite color, plus the bow and how over all they are so simple. They could be worn with just about everything.  shoe 1

And lets be honest, there is nothing better then the perfect shoe in black. Personally I would love these with a pair of jeans. It would really dress up your favorite pair, without making you look like you are trying. earings 1

How cute are these earrings? Again, I am a fan of simple; yet elegant. I love how they are mis-matched. And would wear these often. Would you rock the mis-matched pair, or do you prefer them to match?

top 1

This is one of those tops that I just adore. How girlie can you get? For me (cause I am at heart a jean and tee kinda gal), I would wear this with a pair of skinny jeans, and those perfect blush flats from above. Wouldn’t that make just a great out and about outfit?
dress 2

There is something about this dress, I can’t pull my eyes away from. It is elegant, modest, yet you would look sexy in. If you click through to the site, you will see that the back of this dress is cut out, not quite to a backless dress, but really making a statement.

Dress 1And lets end my wish list with this amazing, summer party dress. In my head I would wear this all the time. To just about everything. But the reality is, I would be so afraid of spilling on it lol. There is something magical about being able to wear a white dress I think.

So this is my wish list. What are your thoughts? Would you want to wear any of these? What is your favorite piece?



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