Want Those Big Dreams To Come True

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Are you wanting, waiting and wishing for your dreams to come true? Are you wanting to know what the secret is to “those” guys getting everything they want, while you are working your butt off and getting no where? Then this would be the book for you.

Now a bit of full disclosure, I don’t like these types of self-help books. While I will read parenting books till I blue in the face, but this in your face type of self help just isn’t my thing. So I waited and waited to get stared on reading this. It is a short, easy read but I just didn’t want to get started.

Well I was pleasantly surprised. This one had some really great ideas, pointers and ways to plan to actually get your dreams to manifest. The main idea, it is right there on the front of the book:

GA = T + E

Confused? Yup I was too. It stands for greatest achievement (GA) = time (T) + energy (E). Seems simple right? Your greatest achievement in life will be what you devote time and energy towards. If only life was that simple. It seems like life gets in the way of what we think we want to be our greatest achievement.

This book is laid out like a workbook, so it will give you the idea. Then it will walk you through the authors real life story about that idea. Then he gives you workbook pages to write in your ideas or how you want to relate this to your life. The next chapter will build on those ideas, and have you dive deeper into the idea.

While most of this book is geared to a sales career, and all the examples are set up for a business type dream. The main ideas, the big picture idea can be shifted to any industry or any dream.

Do any of you guys read self help type books? What are your favorites? I am curious as to what your thoughts are on this subject.


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