That Risen Snow- A Twisted Tale Of Snow White



LOVED this book! It has everything that one would ask for in a twisted tale: zombie princess, zombie prince, zombie army, and the unlikely hero that manages to save the women he loves. Without being turned into a zombie. What is not to love?

If you read my review on Insanity (if not you can check it out here), you know my love of twisted fairy tales. Maybe it is the sick part of me that likes seeing the princesses in a new light, without all the glitter and tiaras. Maybe I just like a new spin on an old princess story. Who knows, but one thing that I do know, without any doubt. That these authors, the ones that can your traditional story and come up with a whole twist. The ones that take you way way way out to left field, are the best story tellers in our day and age. Their imagination is unbelievable. How they are able to come up with these, is beyond me.

Rob E. Boley is no different. That Risen Snow is a wonderful twist on the classic fairy tale Snow White. It starts the way that every Snow White tale starts. Snow had taken a bite of a poisonous apple and fell into a deep sleep. Where she waits for her prince to come and wake her with a true loves kiss.

The prince finds her, and kisses her. She awakens to look up at the man that loves her, the one that truly loves her. And.. Then she wakes up wrong. The similarities on the classic story and this twist end right there.

From the back of the book:

“The zombie sequel to Snow White begins where the classic fairy tale ends, with the Prince’s kiss waking Snow from her cursed slumber. Snow wakes up, but she doesn’t wake up right.

Now a deranged zombie, Snow infects both the Prince and the seven dwarfs’ leader. That leaves the young dwarf Grouchy, who is secretly in love with Snow, to find a cure for her malicious curse. So begins an epic journey that pits the lovesick Grouchy against dwarf-hating human soldiers, Snow’s ever-growing zombie horde, and his own bad temper.

Snow is hell-bent on spreading her horrid curse across the land, and it’s up to Grouchy to stop her before it’s too late.”

That Risen Snow is currently free, thats right you can read if for free, on Amazon right now! Go get it. What do you have to lose. If you want more information about the author you can check him out here.

What is your thought, fairy tales are perfect they way they are or do you like when they get all twisted? What is your favorite fairy tale? Would you want to read a twisted version of it or leave it how it is?


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