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**This is an affiliate post and I will be paid for post.
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As bloggers we all want to picked for affiliate posts. We all want that acceptance email, letting us know that we are worthy of getting some free product. Or better yet, that in addition to getting product we will actually be getting paid!! But have you ever thought about how companies FIND the bloggers to pay? Sure we can sign up to all the different affiliate sites, but then so do the brands that are looking for us. Then we have to hope that we have signed up to the same site as the brand. Is there anything else that can be done?

As a matter of fact there is!!

There is a new site, from Buzzoole called Finder. You can go straight to the site here. It is a brand new way to connect bloggers to brands. It has a deep web search engine, that allows brands and agencies to search the internet for the exact bloggers they want to work with. WITHOUT the blogger having to sign up for the service. How cool is that, new brands will be able to find your blog, no matter the size, to help them promote.

It can search via Twitter accounts, FaceBook accounts, blogs, and websites. And if you are big with social media (meaning that you it multiple of those platforms) then your blog will show up as a higher ranking. Meaning that you have more influence.

Four easy steps, and any brand can find any blogger.

  1. Search: Enter the key word that you are wanting to search “Beauty”, then you can narrow that down by also by language or country.
  2. Preview: You will get a sample of the findings. At this point your can exclude types of influences.
  3. Report: Now you will get an awesome report. When you get this, you can sort this even further. Choosing the followers per platform, add bloggers to your favorite lists, remove bloggers that don’t perfectly fit and have click throughs to their social media.
  4. Filter: Keep on filtering to find those perfect bloggers

It is that easy for brands to find you now!! Have you guys ever thought about how brands find you? Or how they pick which bloggers to use?


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