Squishy Face


Need a new bedtime story for your little ones? Then you need to add this to your must read list! My girls just loved this book. We are big moon peeps over here. Any book about the moon is going to be golden in our eyes, then add that it is actually a really good story with lots of real information. And it just makes it over the moon. (hehe pun intended)

Squishy Face and the Moon starts with Squishy Face scared and alone in her room. She is afraid of the moon. Her mama comes in and shows her that the moon is nothing to be afraid of. She tells her all about the moon. At first I thought that she would have gone the fable way of moon stories. Not the case, it is actually very scientific. Mama not only teaches her about the moon, but about over coming your fears.

Over all we loved this book. The only improvement that we would suggest are the illustrations. Maybe we are just spoiled, having professional artists illustrate our books now a days. And while my hat is off to her for writing and drawing it. I think that having some more umph in the pictures would have really tipped it over the top. That being said. At only $6.99 on Amazon, you can’t go wrong.

What are your kids favorite types of books? Are the illustrations a deal breaker for you? Do you prefer stories that are just stories or do you like them to teach about something too?



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