The Dead Days


The Dead Days

This is one of those books that I put off reading. The back of the book was a confusing as to what it was about, I am not huge on end of world books, and well I was not fully excited about it. Do you ever have books like that? That you pick up, then after second thought regretted grabbing them.

While I did not love this book, it was interesting and kept me turning the pages. It is a post apocalyptic tale of family’s survival. It is the typical family dynamic: mom, dad, daughter and son; plus everyone else they have found that has survived mother nature’s wrath. They have created a utopian society: no prejudice, no crime, no reliance on anyone other then themselves. Just one problem, if the 20+ of them are all that still remains of the human species then they were going to have to repopulate the planet and ensure another generation of humans. Sounds like a good story line.

It takes a weird twist with the dad that reminds me a lot of the Warren Jeffs story. Not pretty and very hard to read. And then another weird twist with the introduction of a vampire, but not vampire species. Both were important to the story, and if you would have altered either, it would have destroyed the book. Just not entirely my cup of tea.

With that being said, the book itself was remarkably well written. It was written as two different (and simultaneous) journals. She was able to beautifully weave the story from both main characters point of view. I loved that you got to read it direct from Leo (the daughters) and from her father’s views; and that you got to do this without a lot of jumping around or confusing back and forth jumps. Even without it being my cup of tea, her writing was so compelling that I could not put it down. I had to find out what was going to happen.

It is part of a series (just to warn you), but she tied up this part of the story wonderfully. You got some answers, most of it was tied up quite nicely and yet there was enough of a cliff hanger to have you waiting for the next one. It was the perfect way to end book one in a series.

From Amazon:

“The daughter of a radical doomsday prepper, Leo Marrok spent her entire life preparing for the end. A skilled fighter and perfect marksman, Leo is her father’s second-in-command when Armageddon comes to pass. Together, they lead a group of survivors to a secure bunker deep in the Appalachian Mountains.

Vincent Marrok is willing to take extreme measures to repopulate their broken world. Leo’s refusal marks her as a traitor. With father and daughter at odds for the first time, their frail community is thrust into turmoil. Until the unthinkable happens, a blood-thirsty horde arrives. The impending attack will destroy all that they have worked for.

To protect her home and everything she believes in, Leo puts her faith in the arms of the enemy—a creature only rumored to exist—the one she calls Halloween. An alliance born out of necessity evolves into feelings Leo is ill-equipped to handle.

The Dead Days Journal is a post-apocalyptic story of love and family told through Leo Marrok’s first-hand account and the pages of Vincent’s personal journal, giving two very different perspectives on what it takes to survive.”

Would you continue to read a book that was not entirely your cup of tea, if the writing was that compelling? Do you like reading books that make you really think through what is right, even if that is taboo? What about post apocalyptic stories?

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