Baby Twins To Bind Them

Baby Twins

LOVED this book. Absolutely LOVED it!! It followed a pretty typical Harlequin romance plot line. So there are no big twists, turns or anything unexpected. Girl has bad break up, girl meets Mr Right, Mr Right takes some time before he realizes he is worthy of her, girl leaves and boy follows with a big grand gesture to show he is ready. That being said, if you are in a mood for a book that will keep you guessing and on your toes. This would not be the best book for you. However, if you are just wanting a sweet, nice love story then this is perfect.

Candy is ready to move on from her ex. And really a great fling followed by a nice vaca is just the ticket. When she finds out that she is pregnant, it throughs a kink into her perfect plan. Mix that with actually falling for the guy, and she has a problem on her hands. What is a girl to do?

From Back Of Book-

“For delicious Dr. Guy Steele, life is all about flirting and never about forever! It’s the only way to avoid discussing the painful issue of his infertility. So a fling with Candy Anastasi, the sexiest nurse in the hospital, is the perfect solution…right?

Candy’s desperate to take her mind off her good-for-nothing ex—and six weeks of the best sex of her life is the ideal distraction! Until she realizes that she’s fallen for Guy…and that she’s pregnant –with twins! Could her double baby bombshell ultimately bind her to Guy forever?”

While I like a good page turner, that keeps me guessing, I do like a simple cute love story. Maybe it is the big girl version of princess movies to me. Maybe it is the whole story of falling in love. Who knows, but every once in a while, I do like a nice slow story, that makes me smile.

Are you a romance reader? What makes for a good romance in your eyes? Do you need the plot twists and turns to keep you flipping the pages or is the standard formula enough for you?

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