Dark and Twisted Games


This was the first book from Heidi Acosta and I am hooked. While the writing itself does not always flow as smoothly as I would like in a few parts. Her vivid details and imagination more then make up for it. Acosta is one of those rare authors that can paint an entire new world for you, with just a few pages. Worlds that you would never have thought to even think about, come to life. Not only that, but they jump right out at you and engulf you, swallowing you whole.

From the back of the book:

“Sixteen-year-old Eden Day, also known as freak, is stuck caring for her alien obsessed aunt after the death of her parents. When she’s not helping her prepare for the next alien invasion, Eden spends her time trying to escape her self-appointed tormentors, listening to her perfect best friend complain about her perfect life, and struggling to write her overdue sports article for her school newspaper … not that she knows anything about sports.

Then two brother’s move into town, turning her boring life completely upside down. Golden boy Cardelain is the talk of town and seems to have set his sights on Eden. But, it’s the dark and elusive Jaxson who has caught her attention. Bound and determined to figure out what secret he is hiding, Eden begins to dig for the truth, but the deeper she digs, the more her life seems to be in danger. Then one night a man with glowing eyes attacks her, everyone thinks she imagined it and is as crazy as her aunt. But, Eden knows she is not crazy and that Jaxson had something to do with the attack. Soon she finds herself involved in a dark game with Jaxson, immersed in a strange and twisted world that nightmares are made of.”

This particular story has a typical, formulaic plot for about half the book. Geeky girl gets bullied in high school. New foster boys come to town; one the all american football star and the dark, mysterious one. Geeky girls crushes on them both, all while she thinks they are out of her league. It has a very Twilight feel (but with aliens not vampires). Both boys like her and she is torn between them. blah blah blah

But then it takes a new twist, you thought that you are on a pretty safe, slow moving road here and you are quickly whipped to the left and start racing down the rabbit hole. The whole time that I was reading the beginning of the book, I thought that we were going to be taking a vampire turn and that was the secret. I promise you this is no vampire fan fiction book. It goes someplace completely different.

There is so much that I want to say about this book, but honestly anything that I would tell you would spoil it for you. So I will leave it with…..

Add this to your must read list!!!


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