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With all the religious studies that I have done, and man I have studied most of the world religions, I know very little about Judaism. I wish that I knew more, maybe it will be the next major religion on my “must study” list.  Moses Son Of Maimon was a great intro into it.

This book read much more like a text book then a story tale. Don’t get me wrong it is far from boring, as long as you like religious/philosophical books set in the middle ages. That made it sound not great. Personally I loved it. I loved reading all about this very influential man, both in his time and still today. Also, I loved hearing the story of the Jewish people during this time period. You hear about how hard it was for them, but it is hard to truly understand what they went through, at least for me it was hard to really get it. This book put a new light on it, and made it more tangible for me.

Book Description-

“Born into a distinguished family in medieval Cordoba, Spain, the young Moses Maimonides was quickly recognized by his teachers for his outstanding intellectual abilities and extraordinary versatility. At the age of twelve, when his peaceful world was shattered by war and persecution and his family was forced into exile, his religious and secular studies continued. Despite the years of wandering and the harsh conditions, he also developed into a writer and wrote extensively until the end of his life.

After years of wandering and relatively short stays in Morocco and Israel, Maimonides and his family settled in Egypt. The Jewish community quickly recognized his genius, and after completing his important book, the Mishneh Torah, he was recognized internationally as the chief religious and legal authority of the entire Jewish world. He produced many books on diverse subjects such as philosophy, law, religion, and medicine that are considered extremely important to this day by Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Despite experiencing loss and controversies, Maimonides rose to eminence as both the official head of the Jewish community in Cairo and the private physician to the sultan and his court.

His world was full of contradictions. A man who abhorred excess of any kind, Maimonides nevertheless lived as a member of a glittering society. Cairo of that time was full of art, music, literature, elegant fashions, priceless jewelry, and sophisticated food. He moved among the sultan’s wealthy advisors and the elegant ladies of the royal harem during the day, and among the Jewish scholars in the evening. He was accused of supporting corporal punishment for wives, and at the same time, people gasped at his revolutionary defense of women’s rights.

His fame brought controversy that is still raging—eight hundred years after his death. At certain times his books were banned and even burned at the stake. But no one could ever deny that his work was that of a brilliant innovator and scholar who could reconcile religious traditions with science and philosophy like no one else.”

 Are you a student of religions? Is it something that you like to study? What about reading about philosophy? 

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