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**I was supplied samples for this post at no cost. All opinions are my own.
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After a long winter, and the change of seasons, I know that my skin could use a little pick me up. A little TLC. While I love my No7 line and am very loyal to it, I feel like I needed to try something new; in the name of science, for all of you. In case you are not as in love with No7 as I am. Yea, that is why I wanted to try a new product. Strictly to help you all out. Hehehe.

Well I happened to get an awesome (full sized) sample to try just for that purpose. Radhad Beauty was able to send over their Vitamin C Serum, their Retinol Moisturizer, and their Eye Gel. I think the best way to tell you about each product will be to explain them, in the order that you would apply them.


Vitamin C Serum-
It seems like Vitamin C Serums are all the rage at the moment. Just about all the lines have one. I have tried others in the past, and I do notice a difference in my skin on the days that I wear them. This one is quite nice, and slightly different then the others. There in no color (most of the others have a yellow to orange color to them) and it has no scent (again others have an orange scent to them). However, it is almost water like, so when you pump the bottle it can spill out if you are not careful, making it a bit harder to apply. Overall though, it is a great serum if you are sensitive to color and scents. It absorbs very quickly into the skin.


Eye Gel-
It claims to provide intensive eye care; focusing on dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. This is a plant based gel and applies a lot like an aloe gel, same slightly sticky formula, very cooling and you can feel it working. Personally I don’t see a lot of help in the way of dark circles. But it gets rid of all puffiness and fills in the little wrinkles. If you are ok with using a concealer for dark circles, then this would be a great eye gel.


Retinol Moisturizer-
From the bottle it claims to immediately and long term release to promote radiate skin. I really like the way that this feels on my skin, and the way that my skin looks when I use it. Radiate skin is going a bit far, but my skin looks better then normal. If you have more wrinkles or fine lines, this would be a great product! Something to keep in mind with this, it is on the thicker side. As the temps are warming up here in AZ, it might become to much to wear year round. It might get moved to a nighttime routine product, but it will stay in the rotation.

Overall I am very impressed with how these products work. Below are the links to Amazon, that way if you are interested in giving them a try you can find them.

What are your thoughts? Do you like to give new skin care products a try? Or if you found something that works, do you stick with it? What brand/line/products are you using?

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