Are You- Tamed?


Anyone who like quick easy romances will enjoy this one.

From the back of the book-

“Porter Marshall has nearly achieved his goal of becoming a Club Sin Master, but his new sub poses a much bigger challenge than he anticipated. Despite their mutual attraction and red-hot dungeon sessions, Kenzie Hart plays her own games. Her bratty, you-can€™t-break-me attitude masks terrible personal hurt and €”pain that only the exquisite touch of a skilled Dom can release. But when Porter suggests taking their connection to the outside world, Kenzie denies him . . . which only makes him want her more.

Kenzie can€™t ignore the raw, fierce bond she has with Porter. But she can’€™t give in to his dangerous demands, either. Is the passion they share real, or is he using her to solidify his status at Club Sin? And yet, who else can she trust with the shattering secrets she holds within? As Porter expertly brings her to the point of no return, Kenzie surrenders her body and, piece by piece, her heart.”

While this does have BDSM theme, it is not as rough or hard as 50 Shades. In the beginning of the book, Kenzie seems to like that. But the author only alludes to what she has does with other males. There are no detailed description scenes. It was a very nice change.

I LOVED this story line. Kenzie makes a great female lead. Strong, sassy, and a little in your face; but that is all a cover, a face. As Porter starts to push, she starts to open up letting in a completely new side to her. I love how timid she is about opening up; how hard she works to keep those walls up. It is a nice twist, normally the girl falls in love right away and wants him to open up. While she is working on him, this book he is working on figuring our her.

Yes, it is a love story, making the ending easy to see coming. But lets be real, one of the reasons to read romance books is for that happily ever after ending. Personally, I like seeing the characters end up together. I like the happy endings. Over all, this book would be high on my fluff, romance to read list.

What about you guys, do you like reading books where you can see the ending coming? Or do you stay away from romance books, since they all end the same?

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