I am a Rebel Lark

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I really enjoyed this book. Lately it seems like I have been reading a lot of what I like to call “fluff”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my fluff. I love my romance stories, I love my twisted fairytales, I love a happy ending. But this kind of reading does not do anything for my mind. It does not push me to new thoughts, or make me think about life, or ponder why my husband and I are so incredibly different. This book was a great, non-fluff, made me really think; all while being presented in such a way that it was enjoyable to read. In fact, I had many “ah-ha” moments. Literally out-loud, made my husband ask me what was going on, type moments.

To sum up the book quite nicely: I am a rebel lark opener with procrastinator tendencies. Now that is a mouthful, but it totally sums me up. In a nutshell it explains that I a rebel, I don’t like having exceptions on myself. Whether those exceptions are my own or someone else put them on me. That I will fight against deadlines and resist completing tasks simply because I was told to do them. The lark, means that I am much more of a morning person then a night person; preferring an early bedtime and seeing the sunrise the next day over pulling an allnighter. I like starting projects, as opposed to finishing them (as evidence by the many and boy do I mean many, half started sewing, crocheting, or other crafty type projects in my guest closet), and I will wait to the very last moment to complete anything. If there is no way to avoid actually completing them.

Now my husband is the complete and utter opposite of me. He would be a upholder owl finisher with sprinter tendencies. Basically, he will live up to any expectation. Most of them he puts on himself, and is self accountable to live up to them. He will meet all deadlines with no problem or animosity towards them. Being an owl, he gets 90% of his hard work-work done while everyone else in the house is sound asleep. Then sleep till noon the next day if you let him. He needs to finish projects. Once he starts something it will get finished. He will mark it off the “To Do” list. While he may wait a bit to get started (since starting a project is so time intensive and there is no other option other then to complete it), once he gets going he is all in.

No wonder we have time management issues. How could two married people be so completely different? I think over all we both tend to compensate and help balance out each others extreme tendencies. Yin and Yang.


This book was a total insight into how we both process…. well life. It was incredibly eye opening and I could not get enough of it. Actually, I took this book everywhere with me. Don’t worry I am not driving and reading, just reading in the car while waiting on the girls to finish Girl Scouts.

While it gave me all this great insight, and helped uncomplicate my husbands behavior. And certainly gave a huge amount of information for me to process. It left a “and now what” type feeling when the book was over. There was no, “and now you can do X with all of this”. There was no further information as to what you can do once you see into your habits and lifestyle. Which I think that I would have liked.

Over all though, it was a fascinating read. That you certainly need to put on your must read list, if you are interested in books that sometimes makes you think.

What have you read lately that was not fluff? Did you like it? What is your favorite thinking type of book?


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