Top 5 Things I am DONE Doing

Top 5 Things

I am done. D. O. N. E. Now don’t go judging me, I am a good mom. I promise I am. My girls are happy, healthy, well adjusted, and polite girls. They are well behaved, and patient. Basically, they rock and since they rock, then I must have done something right. Going to pat myself on the back and give credit where it is due there. But that said, I am done doing the following things. Not only am I going to be done doing them, I am not going to feel bad any more about not doing them.

  1. Baths Every Day– I have girly girly girls. There is no playing in the mud, running through the dirt, sweating while playing baseball; going on over here. They simply do not get dirty enough every day to warrant a bath every single day. Anyone with all girls know, that it is not just the bath time that is time consuming; there is also brushing out all that hair (and all of mine have long hair), then you have to blow dry it all (cause who likes sleeping with wet hair). To get all three of them bathed, blow dried and into bed it takes a good hour to ninety minutes. There is much more that I would like to be doing with them for that length of time. If they get dirty, then yes of coarse they will get a bath; but if we are bound inside cause it is 1 million degrees outside, then I think I will let the bath slide a bit.
  2. Have The Girls Finish Their Plate- This is something that so many of us grew up with. You don’t leave the table until you finish your plate. Personally I hated that, and even spent more then one night at the kitchen table because I did not want to finish my green beans. Anyone else with those types of memories? I refuse to make my kids finish their plates. As long as they take a bite (and one easy no fuss bite) of everything on their plate that is all that is required. Now they don’t get seconds of garlic bread if they have not eaten their veggies, but I don’t think that they will starve themselves by refusing to eat. And if there is something for dinner they really like, they will choose to finish everything so they get seconds. Since this has always been our policy, our girls are very adventurous eaters. Willing to try everything, because they know that if they don’t like it then that one bite is all they had to have.
  3. Always Being Patient– I try to be patient, I try to stay calm, and I try to stay positive. But lets be honest, the fourth time your kid has asked for something in a row, that you have said no to the last three times, you are going to loose it. And that is ok. It is impossible to always be the calm serene picture of pure patience. As long as you can admit (and apologize for) losing it, then all is good.
  4. Having A Clean House- In my house there are 5 people, a dog and a cat. My house is not always white glove tested clean. On any given day, there will be dust on the shutters and dishes in the sink. There are so many other ways that I want to spend my time, and items that take a far greater priority then if my floor is mopped. It is not a hazmat zone, but I am done trying to have my house always company ready. If you don’t call ahead, then expect my house to have a live in feel, not a picture perfect house.
  5. Trying To Be Perfect– What is it with moms these days. It feels like everyone is always trying to one up each other. Now, I don’t know about you, but I do know that I am not perfect. In fact I am no where near perfection. This use to really bother me, I wanted to be the perfect mom. I wanted everyone to think that I was perfect, that I had this whole mommy life thing under control. Let me let you in on a little secret, there is no perfection. No one is perfect. Once I gave up on being perfect, life got much happier.

What about you? What are the areas that you let slide a little? Are there things that you are just done doing?

25 thoughts on “Top 5 Things I am DONE Doing

  1. I agree…there are things we shouldn’t worry so much about and we can still be great parents! When I had my first daughter she always had a hair bow in… I am on my 3rd daughter…she doesn’t want to wear cutesy stuff…and I couldn’t care less! πŸ™‚ I don’t care about keeping up with the Jones’s like I did as a younger parent! That has taken so much stress off of me!!
    Jamie recently posted…Triple Meat ChiliMy Profile

    • I totally agree. By the time I had number three, so much stress had been taken off. It seems like as a first time parent, there is so much pressure to be perfect all the time. And if you can’t then you are failing. I am impressed that your daughter would wear a bow. Mine always tore it out. Thanks for stoping by and saying hello

  2. Mine are all big now but they survived without baths every day once they were past the messy baby/toddler stage. We even had a thing we called “doing a Harry Potter” if we got in from somewhere really late, they would just put their PJ’s on, and brush their teeth. Harry Potter appeared to have just the 1 bath the whole time he was at Hogwarts so we figured it was ok to miss it once in a while!
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    • Oh I am so glad that I am not the only one who doesn’t bathe their kids every day. In fact after posting this post, I got comments from my friends about not doing it every day. And you are so right about Harry Potter, I have never thought about it. Thank you so much for saying hi.

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