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Have you heard of Parlor By Jeff Chastain? Well you need to! This product line is pretty amazing stuff. My hair is very fine (I have lots of it, but the strands themselves are no more then a thread), limp-less hair. It is hard to make my hair do ANYTHING! I was so excited that I was chosen by BirchBox, to give this a try and let you all know about it. Full disclosure: I did receive this product at no cost for the sole reason of writing this review. However, all opinions are my own and all words are my own.

Now with that out of the way, they sent my their new Detangling Leave In Conditioner and their new Smoothing Blowout Spray. I was disappointed in how they worked with my hair. The leave in conditioner was not as detangling as I was hoping and the smoothing spray left my hair looking oily. Bummed, I gave them to my girls.

It was a completely different product on their hair. HOLY COW it was magic stuff. I am so so so impressed with how it worked for them.

blowdryFrom the box: “Combines a smoothing treatment with a blow dry aid for full, beautiful blowouts that won’t fall flat. Also protects hair from heat.

Tink (my oldest) has hair similar to mine. It is pretty fine and lots of it. Now when you blow dry it, it looks great. However, after about four to five hours, it falls completely flat and the back (and only the back) starts to crinkle. Not really curl, not really wave; but a crinkle. And only in the back. We have tried everything to keep this from happening. Nothing has helped. However, this product was the golden ticket. We spray this all over her hair and brushed through. Then continued to blow dry out. Her hair has never looked better. It was very shiny (but not oily looking), any frizz at the ends that tends to show up was gone, and the weird crinkle in the back of her hair never popped up, plus there was lots of body throughout the day. My daughter is thrilled.

Leave in

From the box: “Detangles hair for better manageability while also adding moisture and shine. Also protects from your hair from heat.”

Belle’s hair is very unmanageable. At least it is straight, no idea about what we would do if it was curly. But it is very thick, a little wavy and down to her waist. Trying to brush it out is very difficult and results in tears. Needless to say brushing it wet is even worse. This was magic. After getting out of the bath, I sprayed this all over her hair (we used a good amount), then started to work. Only it wasn’t work. The comb literally fell through her hair. It brushed right out, taking no time at all to brush out all of her hair. Even after the blow dry, it was easy to brush out. There are no tears doing her hair while using this product. A must have for anyone with daughters who struggle to brush their hair.

What products do you use? Would you use a higher end product on your kids hair? What have you found for your kids that works?


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