MakeUp Monday- Poppy Picnic


So I have had a thing for Tarte since I picked up their last pallet, Tartlette. They are just a fantastic company, that produces amazing makeup. Talk about excitement when I heard they came out with a summer pallet, that also includes a blush!

Just like with Tartlette, all of the eyeshadows are matte. Which is my preference. Now before you jump on me, I like a little shimmer every once in a while. But for an every day look, or a smoldering night eyes; I prefer matte shades. But to balance out the matte eyes, the blush has a little shimmer in it. Not enough where you look like you were making out with Tinkerbell; but enough to give you a nice little highlight. And who doesn’t need a little highlight?

It comes with six all new shades, a brand new blush, and so perfect for summer.

  • Summer Breeze– Is a yellow based nude color. This works great as a base color.
  • Sweet Tea– Personally my favorite color in the pallet. It is a milk chocolate color.
  • Ice Cream Cone– This is a very dark cool brown color. It works great for an eyeliner.
  • Barefoot In The Grass– This is a very light peachy nude color. It works great in the inner corner of your eyes
  • Peach Poppy– This was one shade that I was worried that I was not going to like. But it is an amazing peachy orangey color. It makes everything pop. Blue eyes will stand out, brown eyes will deepen, and green eyes will dazzle. It is by far my favorite shade.
  • Picnic Basket– This is a dark warm brown. Which looks amazing as a liner next to the Peach Poppy.
  • Glisten– Is the blush. In the packaging it reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm. Applied though, it is not at all the same. It is a peachy pink, with just a hint of gold shimmer. It really does look like the sun kissed you.

Plus this pallet took a clue from Too Faced, and included a sheet with a few different ways to wear these colors. I always like it when they include some ideas. It makes it super easy to use.

What kind of pallets do you use? Do you like it when they give you step by step instructions or do you like to play on your own? What are your best summer colors?

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