Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana Of Cambridge

Princess 2

Such exciting news from the other side of the pond!! A Princess was born! The morning of May 2, 2015 at 8:34am, she made her grand debut. A perfect addition to the royal family, complete with ten fingers and we assume ten toes. When she was presented to her loyal subjects (totally unsure of what the royal family calls the rest of us), the little Princess slept through the whole ordeal looking positively adorable.



And let us not even start on the name. How cute is Charlotte? Any chance that they will refer to her as Princess Charlie? Or perhaps Princess Char, when she hits her teen years? Being on this side of the pond, I have never thought about how incredibly long royal title are. Have you? Her full name will be Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge. When she is in trouble do you think they roll out the entire title, like we pull out the full name?

princess 1


Then you have The Duchess Kate, I am always amazed at how well put together she looks. She certainly has come a long way since she met William. Now I realize she has a team of people to make sure she never has a hair out of place, or lipstick on her teeth. But how is it possible that only a few hours after birth she looks stunning? Yes yes her team went to her hospital to make sure she looked great. However, the whole actually getting up and going outside to be photographed, knowing that those photos were going to make history, and in heels no less, was all her. I don’t know about you, but it took me DAYS before I got up enough energy to go outside. My ride home from the hospital included me un-showered, no makeup, and certainly no blowout for my hair. Then it would be months before I allowed anyone to photograph me.

I am a fan of the Royal family. Not a fan of the actual thought of having royals, I don’t think that I would want to live in a country where a single family was allowed to rule over everything. Just because someone was born they get to be a king or queen. But the idea of being a real life Princess; it is part of the little girl I was, that I am not going to give up. Plus you have to love Kate’s story. She is really hard not to like.

What about you? What was your ride home from the hospital like? Were you all ready to take over the world or did you need a bit to be all put together? How about a more simple, do you follow the Royal family?



  • Debbie

    When I told my grand daughter that there was a new princess, she asked me if the new princess was better than she was. I told her “no” … and then she asked if she was more important … and I told her “no” again! After explaining kings and queens … I showed her the picture in this post and she told me, “that is no princess” … “that is just a baby with a normal mom and dad” … Gotta love it!

    • Kat Ryan

      What a great explanation. I love how you made sure she knew that the royals were not more important. And what a funny response “that is just a baby”. Kids are to funny. Thanks for sharing. Made my day 🙂

  • Jessy @ The Life Jolie

    I read somewhere that the kids will use Cambridge as a last name. I also heard that Kate won’t be called princess until Charles becomes king and at that point it would be Princess William… and so on. But when he beca=omes king she will then go by Queen Catherine… and so on. It’s so interesting how they handle things like that for the royals

    I stopped by from One Project at a Time
    Jessy @ The Life Jolie recently posted…Mother’s Day 2015 RecapMy Profile

    • Kat Ryan

      I have no idea how that all works. Wish I did, I find it completely fascinating. But oh so confusing lol. Thanks for stopping by

  • TwoPlusCute

    She is lovely, like all babies but I am impressed too with what you mention.
    How on earth she gets up looking stunning and ready to take photographs that will “make history” looking fabulous?

    I envy her (in a very good way). Congrats to them and I enjoyed reading your post. 🙂
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