99 Keys To a Creative Life

99 Keyes To a Creative Life

I had a hard time with this book, to be honest. But in all fairness, I didn’t have any idea what to expect; so the fact that it missed the mark with me is really here nor there. Since it would have been next to impossible to be on mark. Does that make sense?

So the Pro’s:

  • There are tons of great ideas.
  • Building on that, not only are their awesome ideas; they are then explained.
  • The book is broken up into sections, that those ideas fit neatly in.

The Down Falls:

  • The entire book is basically just a list.
  • While she does a great job explaining each idea, there is not much to help you put the plan in motion.

Overall, while I am not thrilled with the book; I would recommend it to someone who was in need of getting more “in touch” with themselves. Some of it was pretty common sense stuff, but even then it is nice to have it all be reminded once in a while.

So what are your thoughts? Would you read a book of ways to be more creative? Even if that book is just a list of bullet points? How would you like a book on this topic laid out?


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