How To Prepare For Over Night Guests


Does having guests make you cringe? It is always stressful having an overnight guests. There seems to be a million things to do, and things to consider. If you let it, it can completely stress you out. But it doesn’t have to.

We are so lucky to live in a small town, about two hours away from the big city that my husband and I grew up in. It is close enough that we can visit friends and family often. And they come and visit us; almost every weekend. However, we are just far enough that a simple lunch date turns into a full weekend ordeal. For most of the people who want to visit it is just a smidgen to far for a day trip. So they come up after work on Friday and leave sometime Sunday.

It use to really stress me out. There seemed to be a thousand things to do, and never enough time to get them all done. But then I learned a great routine, and I am going to share it with you. It will lay things out in nice bite sized tasks, with the theory of just a little every day. Then it is never overwhelming or stressful having one person over or twenty (as we are this weekend for the fourth of July). It is going to be a full house!

  • Monday- Pick Up House/Meal Plan
    • Pick UpHouse-
      • Pick Up All Clutter
      • Pick Up Kids toys
      • Straighten Bathrooms
      • Straighten Living Areas
      • Put Shoes/Jackets Away- ours seem to sit by the front door and just stay there.
    • MealPlan-
      • List out all meals that you will be preparing. Normally for me it is two dinners (depending on what time people arrive on Friday night, and Saturday night), then two brunches (Saturday and Sunday)
      • I don’t make lunches. There is a myriad of snack foods that people can help themselves to if they are hungry. But I won’t make a formal lunch.
      • Think of easy to prepare meals- you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen with everyone having a good time in the living room.
      • Try to plan around people dietary needs. We have several vegans that visit us, so I make sure to have food for them. As well as for people with allergies- it just makes for a good hostess and people will appreciate your effort.
  • Tuesday- Clean House
    • Pretty self-explanatory here. Nobody wants to use a dirty bathroom. Not glamorous but it needs to be done.
  • Wednesday- Wash Linen and Towels/Set up Bedrooms
    • WashLinens-
      • Okay so I am odd here. I rewash all my linens (unless we are just doing a switch over), my linens sit in a closet and lose that fresh, just out of the dryer smell. I want them to smell fresh for my loved ones.
    • Set UpBedrooms-
      • Get all bedrooms/sleeping areas set up, complete with towels.
  • Thursday- Grocery Shop
    • Since you have all of your meal planning done, time to make a shopping list, and do the grocery shopping.
  • Friday- Bake and Enjoy Guests Arrival
    • By the day that your guests are arriving all of the heavy lifting is done. If you are up to it, you could bake a little treat for them once they get there. I try to bake based on what my guests like: when my dad comes I always have fresh chocolate chip cookies; for my best friend I have banana muffins. It makes the house smell amazing and it is so nice having a fresh-baked treat after traveling.
    • So sit back, relax and enjoy your guests arrivals.

There is my system. It really helps having it all broken out over the course of the week. Then nothing piles up, and I can still get my other stuff done. You know like blogging, and schooling the girls lol.

What is your system? How do you prepare for guests? Does it make you anxious or do you have it all down?



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