Monday MakeUp- YEA BirchBox!!!


I am so sad to say that this is my last month of BirchBox. While I have loved getting this everything month, it seems like lately I am getting a lot of hair products and moisturizers. Which is good for most people, but I am a blow dry and put into a pony type of girl. And while I love trying new skin care, it is a big over the top. All these samples just get put in my guest room, for my guests to use when they come up. And if I am just stocking the guest room, then I don’t nee to be spending ten bucks a month. It is still a great service and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking into a subscription.

This month I did get some great product, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. So into the box:

  • No4 Prep and Protect– Now don’t get this confused with the No7 skin care/makeup line. They are two completely different companies and products. This is a great leave in conditioner. It instantly detangles even the most rat nest of hair, leaves your hair super shiny but not oily, and doesn’t weigh it down.
  • Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer- It claims to hydrate and firm, repairs signs of aging and reduces wrinkles on the face and around the eyes.
  • Dr Jart Ceramindin– It is a super light weight moisturizer that delivers deep moisture. It does have a strong scent, not a bad smell, but it is to strong to apply to my face. Plus it does not have any anti-aging properties, so not the best facial cream. HOWEVER, it is amazing on the other rough dry areas on my body. I use a pea size amount on my knees and they are now are looking great; same for my elbows. But it is quite expensive for a body cream.
  • Coola Sport Sunscreen- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sunscreen. The bottle size is perfect to throw in your purse, it smells amazing like mangos, and it works awesome. This time of year you can’t get enough sunscreen.
  • Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner- Any other eyeliner addicts out there? This is a deep purple color, which I love. If you have brown eyes purple will make them pop; if you have hazel eyes the purple will highlight the green in them, and if you have green eyes then watch out purple will have them shining like emeralds. This eyeliner glides easily and has major staying power.
  • Then last, Pura Vida Headband– It was a lace trimmed light green headband. I say was, because my girls have already claimed this and fight over who gets to wear it. It does not sit well on my head, with it being like a big rubber band it doesn’t stay on it just slides back; but on my girls it stays perfectly and looks super cute. While I would not spend the cost for the pack of these, I am thrilled to get one in my box.

Sad to see it go, but I am excited at the thought of finding a new monthly beauty subscription. How about you guys, do you have a subscription to BirchBox? What are your thoughts on it? Would you spend ten dollars a month on these samples?

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