Easy Ways To Look Younger

Eays Ways To Look Younger

In my head I am going to age gracefully. That one day, I am going to wake up and embrace my wrinkles and gray hair. That I am going to love seeing a wise woman in the mirror looking back at me. I am going to see a beautiful face, full of the life she has lead.

But lets be real, that is not happening today or any time soon. Movie stars, models, and the like age (cause we all do) but without any outward sign of getting older. That is going to be me. While I probably won’t be getting any plastic surgery or botox, only because I am to worry about having some weird rare reaction. Then I will really be hosed.

There are some very simple makeup techniques that can give you the appearance of a younger face. Best part, there is no crazy contouring to learn how to do, no “only a professional makeup artist can do this without looking like a clown” ways to apply it. Simple, do today, every one can do these, techniques; that are not going to take you any longer then you already spend doing your makeup.

Now some of them are going to seem a little odd. And some you might fight me on (I know this because it took me a while to come around on a bunch of these). Some of it is even going to seem counterproductive. But I promise that they will all work and having you looking younger in a few moments.

Lets start by thinking about what makes a face look young?

  • Big Eyes
  • Full lips
  • No Dark Circles
  • Rosy Cheeks

Let’s break out how to achieve that look-

  • Big Eyes
    • Put down the black eyeliner and back away. This was the hardest for me, I am/was addicted to my black eyeliner pencil. Not only that, I was a line the waterline all the way around type of girl. While, my eyes always stood out, and it was the first thing that people saw; they looked small. Black line around anything will make it look smaller. Swap that black out for a dark brown. I actually use MAC- Brun now for my eyeliner and it looks perfect.
    • Don’t line all your eye. Again this was a hard one. For the longest time, I struggled with feeling weird without having any eyeliner under my lower lashes. But I promise you, it will open up your eyes without it.
    • Only line the outer half to two-thirds of your upper lid. And even a slight, super super slight, wing will pull your eyes upward. Mini eye-lift thank you very much.
  • Full Lips
    • This seems to be the one that I argue with people the most about. Don’t use a dark lip color during the day. Yes a bold red lip is always chic, but just like lining all around your eyes will make them look smaller, a solid dark lip will make it look smaller too. Now people will notice your lips, but they won’t have that pouty full look, that is associated with a younger face. If you have a lot of pigment in your lips, go easy with just a chapstick or a light, non-sparkly, gloss. If you are losing the pigment (cause we all will) ease up on the color and move to a light pink or a color that was close to your natural color.
  • No Dark Circles 
    • Okay here is one that you are going to argue with me again on. Stop using mascara on your lower lashes. While in theory, it would make your lashes stand out; making your whole eye area look bigger, this is not what happens. It can send dark shadows under your eye giving the appearance of dark circle.
    • Find a great highlighting concealer. Highlighting doesn’t have to mean having a sheen to it, but it will be designed to lighten the area. I LOVE No7 Radiant Glow Concealer and use it daily. While it is quite light, just blend it in and it is amazing. Plus it stays put all day, without any creasing.
  • Rosy Cheeks
    • Ditch the tera cotta colored blush. I am not totally sure where this trend started, but it seems like a vast majority of women have this brownish, orangish, reddish blush color. It is not a natural flush color and does not help your rosy glow. Instead opt for a blush with slight highlighting capabilities and something that is way more on the pink side. I use Laura Geller Baked Blush in Pink Grapefruit. It has a bit of bronze in there, way more natural pink, and a hint of shimmer. Also, Tarte has a great new blush in Glisten. It has a lot of the same properties of the Laura Geller.

So what are your thoughts? Which of these are you going to fight with me over? Do you have any tips or tricks to looking young? Do you even try to look younger, or is that a weird me thing?




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