• Yell and Shout and Cry and Pout

    Yell and Shout 2

    From the Back of the Book:

    “Yell and Shout, Cry and Pout: A Kid’s Guide to Feelings is an essential guidebook for adults in helping children identify and understand their emotions. Each of the eight emotions is clearly defined thorough vignettes and illustrations, keeping both adult and child captivated, thus creating an opportune time for discussion. By recognizing that all humans experience these emotions throughout their lives, the book provides a true sense of comfort. Emotions are not to be shunned, but rather embraced and explained to provide a positive development environment for all children.”

    My Thoughts:

    Did everyone see the movie Inside Out? It was probably one of the best kid movies that deal with emotion. My kids loved the way that each of the emotions were shown as a person; how they work together to make you, well, you. After watching it, all three of my girls wanted (and demanded to know more about their emotions. In particular what other emotions that they have.)

    It was the perfect timing for the book Yell and Shout and Cry and Pout by Peggy Krugertietz Ph.D. to show up on in my mailbox. Immediately the girls opened it up and started to explore their emotions.

    They loved learning more about their emotions that they learned about in Inside Out: Anger, Sadness and Disgust. Then they were thrilled to learn about the emotions that they know well: Happiness and Love. Last, there were new emotions: Fear, Shame, Surprise. After the initial reading they have gone back and looked through it. Even asking each other when they have felt certain emotions.

    They really did enjoy this book. Not in a “story at bedtime” type of way. But in a “lets look through it together” type of way. With the book sitting at $13 for a paperback, I think that it is a good book to have in your kids bookshelf. At the very least, it would be a reference book for them when they are feeling something without quite knowing what it is.

    What about you guys. Do you keep reference books for your kids, or just story books? Is this something that you would have in their bookcase? What do you think of the price point ($13 for a 40 page book)?

  • Welcome Reluctant Stranger

    Welcome, Reluctant Stranger!

    A Riveting Tale of Love, Loss, and Finding Your Own Way
    From the Back of the Book-

    Can a family bury its secret past? Like her long-lost doctor father, Leilani Torres heals people.  But can she heal herself?  Having fled the troubled Pacific country, Costa Mora, for America when she was nine, she still doesn’t know what happened to her father, or what mysterious reasons prevented him from leaving with his family. But Leilani remembers that as a child, she learned to use a gun to protect herself against danger.

    A lovable computer nerd who’s failed at love.  Brokenhearted after his relationship of seven years ended, Justin just wants to drown his sorrows. But he finds more trouble than he’s looking for, when he is assaulted by thugs. An exotic woman with a dead aim rescues him. They’re drawn to each other, but Leilani hesitates. Justin is on the rebound or thinks of her as his rescuer.

    A hero or a villain? Suddenly, Leilani’s past is not so past, as a friend of her father turns up at her mother’s door with unexpected news.  Caught in a deadly political web, Dr. Torres’s alleged  crime shocks and unsettles Leilani. She isn’t sure if he is a hero or a villain, but only she and Justin can rescue him from their old island home.

    The many faces of love spun into a tale of past political intrigue and a young woman’s inner journey, accepting her past.

    About the Author

    EJourney is a realist who thinks she has little imagination. Credit that to her training (Ph. D., University of Illinois) and work in mental health, writing for academics and bureaucrats.

    A well-traveled flâneuse–a female observer-wanderer–she watches, observes, listens. And writes. A sucker for happy endings and an admirer of Jane Austen’s novel of manners approach to women’s fiction, she finds enough that depresses her about real life, but seeks no catharsis by writing about it. For her, writing is escape, entertainment.

    Her author website: Evy Writes here
    Her book blog: Escape Into Reality here
    Her blog on art, food, travel (mostly Paris), and state of being: Journey on a Limb here

    My Thoughts

    This was my favorite book in the Between Two Worlds series. While this is book three in the series, you certainly don’t have to read them in order, or even all of them. Each book has its own set of characters and its own story line. So pick up anywhere in the series, with a story that sounds good.

    I was intrigued with the back of the book info, but it happened to sit on my shelf until the very last moment. (In fact I actually finished it this morning, but shhh) To be honest, I don’t know why that was. I liked the premise of the book, I liked the author’s other books, this one though just didn’t scream at me to read it.

    Once started, it was a great story though. It read in the same manor as her other books. Meaning that while it is a slower pace book, it jumps right into the thick of it, and you get caught up in the characters. The stories are all well told, you get a full sense of what is going on. She is an amazing story teller. This book, unlike book two, had me guessing. I did not see the plot twist coming. That was a huge perk.

    Do you guys like books with lots of action? Or does a slower, simmering type book appeal to you every once in a while? What type of romance books are your favorite?

  • Great Teen Series


    About the Book:

    Title: Evolved
    Author: Aubrey Coletti
    Publisher: Escape Artist Press
    Genre: YA/Scifi/Thriller

    The boarders of J. Alter High have fought their school, sabotaged their school, and attempted to destroy their school. Yet the powerful Academy and its enigmatic Headmistress have remained always one step ahead of them. Now they must decide whether or not to work with the school, to unlock the abilities that brought them there — a decision that could tear them all apart. But choose they must, before they are out of moves, out of options . . . and out of time.

    About the Author

    Aubrey Coletti is a twenty-three year old singer-songwriter, dancer, and author, who began her first novel while still in high school. Now graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, she has three published novels in The Academy Series, Altered, Shattered, and Evolved.

    For More Information:

    My Thoughts

    I LOVED this series. It was incredibly fast moving, engaging plot twists, and characters that are so well developed that you can’t help but care about them. They form an unbreakable bond, that develops naturally. What I liked the best, it kept my daughter fully engaged. She finished the books late at night and was actually mad when they were done.

    A few words to the wise. There is quite a bit of language used. If you are wanting a clean book, this would not be it. But lets be honest, teens cuss. Also, there is quite a bit of physical abuse in the name of “behavior modification”. I was a bit taken aback for the graphic nature of it. However, throughout the series there is very little sex. This is the third book in the series, and you do need to read them in order.

    Do you guys mind your teens/high school students reading books with lots of language and abuse? Or is it something that you stay away from? Personally I have more issues with sex scenes, what about you guys? What do you let your teens read?

    **I did receive this book at no cost, in exchange for an honest review**


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