MakeUp Monday: July Ipsy Review


Holy cow, it is October and I am just now getting to my July Ipsy review. Can you believe that it is already October? And to blow your mind a bit more, next week is Halloween. Wait…. What?? Where has this year gone. One day I will get these up the same month, but that is not today.

In case you have missed it, Ipsy is an amazing monthly beauty subscription. You receive four to five samples (and a lot of time these samples are full sized products) of different beauty products. They can be makeup, skin care, hair care, or accessories. What I love about Ipsy that sets it apart, in my book, then the other beauty subscription services, is that you also receive a reusable makeup bag. Which we end up using for EVERYTHING at my house. Plus it is only $10 a month, so way less then a lot of other subscriptions.

So this month’s loot was amazing! And valued way over the $10.

  • Eau Thermale Avene-
    • LOVED this cleanser. It claims to be soapless, therefore it is suppose to be non-drying, non-harsh, yet still very effective. It totally lives up to the hype. It left my face super clean, but not dry or tight. It came in a travel size sample, think hotel size.
  • Octavio La Playa-
    • The verdict is a bit out on this. It gave me some texture, but on my thin fine hair it gave me no, and I mean no, volume. In fact it kinda did the opposite. So maybe if I used it with some moose or something. But alone, I would not be buying this product again.
  • City Color HD Powder-
    • If you like HD powder then you will like this. It is really really fine, doesn’t leave a white shadow (so no looking like you just dipped your face in baby powder), and leaves a great matte finish. However, it has a tendency to settle into the fine lines around my eyes and some reviews say it leaves a white mark in photos. Use with cation would be my advice.
  • Be A Bombshell Chapstick-
    • This was amazing chapstick!!! I got the color French Kiss color which is what I was so hoping for. It is a very sheer wash of light pink. The chapstick aspect works amazing well, leaving your lips soft and pretty. Plus it was a full size sample! A win in my bag this month.
  • Tarte Bronzer-
    • Also another full sized product in one of my favorite brands. Tarte is one of those brands that always lives up to its name. This bronzer was in their classic shade of Park Avenue Princess. It does have a slight sheen to the bronzer. So not completely matte.
  • Bag-
    • While the bags are always nice to have, this particular one was not my cup of tea. I am just not huge on the Aztec themes. But as always it will come in very handy.

Overall I was beyond pleased with this month’s bag. Have you guys tried Ipsy? What did you think about it? If you are not an Ipster what would you want to see to sway you to sign up?



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