Pre-Parenthood vs Real Parenthood- 5 Lies We Tell Ourselves and Others

pre vs real

How many of the things that you said you would never do before becoming a parent do you do now? What about after the first child? We all are guilty of saying things pre-parenthood, then once parenthood is in full swing, we find ourselves doing them. Or at least that was the case for me; and by daughter number three, everything went out the window. Here is my top list of things that I swore I would NEVER do once becoming a parent, and how they are today after three kids.

  • Number 1-
    • Pre-Parenthood- My kids will never watch TV.
    • Real Parenthood- Why is the house so quiet? Oh the TV is off, lets fix that.
  • Number 2
    • Pre-Parenthood- My kids will never eat sugar.
    • Real Parenthood- If you just eat three more bits of dinner, you can have a cookie.
  • Number 3
    • Pre-Parenthood- I will never ever bribe my kids.
    • Real Parenthood- Look back at number 2.
  • Number 4
    • Pre-Parenthood- My kids will eat all their dinner without complaint.
    • Real Parenthood- Look back at number 2.
  • Number 5
    • Pre-Parenthood- My kids will never sleep in my bed.
    • Real Parenthood- We wake up with at least one girl that has snuck into our bed. On the flip side, they are sleeping in.. Woo Hoo win for us.

What about you guys, what were some of the thing that you swore you would never do or the things that you “knew” you kids would do?


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