Gift Giving Made Easy- Oil Diffuser Necklace

Welcome to the Gift Giving Made Easy Series

Last week we had super fun Turkeys made from socks. They were so easy to make, and turned out simply adorable. You can check them out here if you missed it.

Oil Diffuser Necklace

This week is brought to you by The Hippie Hobby. To be completely honest, I had an entirely different craft planned this week (don’t worry we just shifted it around so you won’t miss out on that awesome crafty gift); but when The Hippie Hobby box arrived, I could not wait to put together this month’s craft.

If you missed the original post about The Hippie Hobby, and the last craft they sent, you can find that post here. As a quick recap, they are a brand new AMAZING monthly (well every other month) crafting subscription box. You get a surprise craft sent to you, with everything that you need to put it together. Plus they send a bonus small craft along with it. So you get two crafts in every box!

This month, they sent us to make “Oil Diffuser Necklaces”. We all know that certain smells can affect our mood. Peppermint helps us focus, Lavender helps keep us calm, Apple makes us hungry (oh wait is that just me?). These super cute necklaces are infused with essential oils to not only help make us look good, but help our moods throughout the day. Plus they are super easy to make.


Step 1– Gather all supplies. The great thing with The Hippie Hobby is that they send you all the needed parts. The only item that you need above and beyond was scissors (to cut the felt), a pair of pliers (I used my fingers), and maybe some glue for the optional craft. Otherwise they send you everything.

step 2

Step 2- (Well kinda a few steps in one, but they are super easy) I love that they sent you enough for two necklaces, one for you and one for a friend. And just like that, some Christmas shopping done; plus they are handmade gifts. Go you! Find the middle of the necklace, this is where you are going to want to attach the rings. Grabbing one of the jump rings, open it gently and slide on the charm and locket. For the antique one, I put them both on the same jump ring; but, for the silver one, I used their own rings. It is up to you and your preference as to what you like better. Then slide it onto the middle loop of the necklace. Be sure to close the jump rings when done.


Step 3– Cut the piece of felt to fit into the locket. As a side note, the circle locket turned out to be so much hard to cut. You would think that the heart would have been harder, but not for me. Gently place the felt into the locket and drop a few drops of oil on it. The Hippie Hobby sent lavender, but you really could use any. Trust me a drop or two is really all you need. Those oils can be very strong.


Step 4- Close up lockets, and get ready to feel calmer when you wear them.

Extra Craft

Extra- Now who does not like getting a little something extra? This little extra craft, makes it so easy to give away that second necklace. It comes with everything you need to make some cute wine cork stamps, and a gift box (along with a gift tag). Simply stick the foam sticker to the wine cork. And viola you have stamps. If you are planning on giving this as a gift all you have to do is fold the gift box, and attach the little card. The box, twine and card are also all included!

What do you guys think? Is this a service that you would sign up for? Are you a crafty mama or more like me and need a little help? What are your thoughts on oil diffuser necklaces?

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